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Thread: Pier A

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    Pier A to get new plaza

    Money saved during pier stabilization will go toward plaza design

    by Terese Loeb Kreuzer

    Pier A, the last of the 19th-century piers that once lined the Hudson River in Lower Manhattan, will be getting a newly designed plaza in front built with money saved during recent structural work to stabilize the pier. The pier, which was completed in 1886 for use by the City's Department of Docks, was in desperate shape when the Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) took it over two years ago. The City allocated $30 million to the BPCA to repair the pier and find a tenant.

    H3Hardy Collaboration Architecture has been working on a design for the refurbished pier and will design the plaza, which was not included in the original design. "It was just to be a plain entrance way," said Leticia Remauro, spokesperson for the Battery Park City Authority. "Based on what happens as we construct further, we'll see if we need extra money [to build the plaza]."

    The Landmarks Preservation Commission has approved H3Hardy's design for the pier, which will have a pale green roof. The exterior walls will be painted a light beige with dark trim.

    The Battery Park City Authority is currently considering possible tenants for the pier. An RFQ (Request for Qualifications) resulted in seven proposals ranging from caterers and restaurants to cultural facilities. Ms. Remauro said that the Battery Park City Authority in consultation with the City's Economic Development Corp. (EDC), will designate a tenant within the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    Battery Park, now that the 1 Subway line platform extension underneath had been completed, is slated for a re-do.

    Battery Park Conservancy

    Over the past 13 years, the Conservancy with its public partners, led by NYC Parks & Recreation, has secured $112 million for design, construction and maintenance endowment. Three major capital projects are complete and seven more are in various stages of development, with expected finish dates over the next five years. By 2014 the entire Master Plan for the 25 acres of the Battery will be realized.

    Projects in Planning

    The Battery Garden Bikeway: 2010

    The Town Green: 2010

    The Battery Lawn: 2011

    The Castle: 2014

    The Battery Conservancy has taken the first steps toward realizing the rebuilding of Castle Clinton. Thomas Phifer & Partners and Beyer Blinder Belle won the international competition in 1999 and have completed the conceptual design to take the Castle into the 21st century.

    The Thomas Phifer & Partners plan
    Thanks Lofter. Didn't know about all these.

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    ^ That Castle Clinton design is really awful.

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    Yea what happened? It doesn't even look any cheaper than the previous design by the same firm..

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    I'd be willing to bet, given the financial situation, that designs for Castle Clinton, or any big changes there, are now on hold.

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    The glass design looks horrible - like caged exercise area on top of a prison or city school.

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    A compressor, and I hear jackhammers

    Finally starting to rip out the interior.

    This will be a great space if they ever finish it.

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    I was walking through Battery Park on Sunday en route to the Gov's Island ferry and there were loads of emergency vehicles in front of Pier A... wonder if there was danger of a fire?

    Also ... why is it that Battery Park is so ... threadbare? Between the rampant trash, the large areas of dead/patchy/missing grass, and the huge numbers of illegal counterfeit-goods vendors, it always feels a lot nastier than you'd think New York's oldest park would. Obviously much of that is attributable to the sheer number of tourists, but, c'mon, Central Park, Union Square, and Bryant Park aren't that far behind in people-traffic, and they're all much better maintained. Anyone know whence the neglect of Battery Park?

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    They're getting ready to re-do the bulk of the park, realigning the central garden that runs to Castle Clinton and reworking the pathways. Plus they're going to add a bike path that will snake through the NE edge of BP, connecting the paths from HRP <> East River. When they do the work hopefully they will address the big expanse of concrete sidewalk at the north end. And then if the Feds would move the big white security tent on the waterfront all would be better.

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    Yeah the bike path will be a huge improvement! I might be alone on this one but I quite like the glass design for castle clinton. If done right I feel like it could end up being like new york's own little reichstag.

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    Saw some work being done on this yesterday.


    From this angle you almost get a true view of what 1931 New York looked like in color.

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    Who are these folks at The Battery Park City Authority who continually hire ineffective and seemingly incompetent contractors?

    Contract Dispute Leaves Lower Manhattan's Pier A With a ‘Plainer’ Plaza

    The Battery Park City Authority will use less expensive materials to build a public plaza around the landmark pier.

    By Julie Shapiro
    DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
    July 20, 2010

    BATTERY PARK CITY — The long-troubled Pier A renovation will result in a 'plainer' plaza after the project lost both its general contractor and construction manager earlier this year, delaying the project four months and slashing its budget.

    The Battery Park City Authority is in charge of the city's $30 million overhaul of the landmark pier building at lower Manhattan’s southern tip. In addition to restoring the crumbling 124-year-old building and finding a new use for it, the Authority was also supposed to construct a plaza around the building as a much-anticipated public amenity.

    But there was never any money specifically set aside for the plaza — the Authority planned to just use left over money from other pieces of the Pier A project.

    A couple of months ago it looked as though the Authority would have several million dollars in the bank for the plaza, but now that money will likely go to pay a new general contractor, said Battery Park City Authority President Jim Cavanaugh at the Authority’s board meeting Tuesday morning.

    “We’re going to scale back plans for the plaza,” Cavanaugh said. “It will just be a much plainer plaza than we had hoped.”

    Cavanaugh sounded frustrated that the city's Economic Development Corp. would not consider kicking in additional money to build a nicer space.

    “We’re expected to provide the plaza, but we were not given the money to do it,” Cavanaugh said. “We’re going to do our best.”

    An EDC spokesman declined to comment on the plaza funding.

    The Pier A project suffered two setbacks earlier this year when the Authority removed construction manager PHB Catalyst Group, and the general contractor, Mc Gowan Builders, left. The Authority quickly brought in the LiRo Group to manage the project but had to publicly solicit a new general contractor, a lengthy process that is not yet complete.

    Fernando Mateo, a recently appointed member of the authority’s board, criticized staff for not foreseeing difficulties with Mc Gowan. The company initially presented a bid 44 percent lower than the next lowest bidder, which could mean they did not understand the complexity of the work or intended to collect more money in change orders later, Mateo said.

    “It raised a red flag,” admitted Anthony Woo, the Authority’s vice president of construction.

    Mc Gowan ultimately raised its cost estimate from $5.2 million to $6.9 million, but left this spring over objections to pieces of the project.

    A spokesman for Mc Gowan did not respond to a request for comment.

    The Authority hopes to have a new general contractor on board by early next month but expects to pay more than Mc Gowan was charging.

    Meanwhile, the Authority has narrowed its search for a tenant to four potential candidates and hopes to turn the building over to one of them by August or September 2011, four months later than planned.

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    They would charge more than they WERE charging, or more than they WERE GOING TO charge?

    44% lower than next bidder is a big chunk, but $5.2M/56% = $9.28M....($6.9M is still less than that...)

    Makes you wonder, was this just round 1 of multiple increases?

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    When it comes to selecting a contractor, I tell my clients not to choose the low bid. Those who do, often have reason to regret their decision.

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