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Thread: Proposed: The Remy - 101 West 28th Street - by Costas Kondylis

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    Default Proposed: The Remy - 101 West 28th Street - by Costas Kondylis

    Adellco plans condo tower at 28th Street and Sixth Avenue

    Nobember 18, 2005

    Adellco LLC is planning to build a residential condo tower of about 30 stories on the northwest corner of 28th Street and the Avenue of the Americas.

    The site, which extends about half way to 29th Street, is now vacant.

    According to Ann Eber, a vice president of Adellco, Costas Kondylis is the architect. She told that plans were preliminary and that further details were not yet available.

    The building will probably have the address of 815 Avenue of the Americas.

    Adellco is run by Matthew Adell, who developed the 37-story Capitol at 55 West 26th Street in 2001 and the 36-story Ashton at 800 Sixth Avenue in 2004.

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    Wow. That's a nice building!

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    Sure succeeds in looking unstable.

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    It reminds me a little of Calatrava's tower.

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer
    It reminds me a little of Calatrava's tower.
    Yeah: similar proportions, broken up into "boxes," here more implied than real. Calatrava's tension members reassure you structurally; here there's no equivalent.

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    True. But this will be a much cheaper building and won't have $30M+ apartments. Therefore, I expect more illusion than reality with respect to complicated engineering.

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    For Kondylis, this is a good building. I particularly like that it has a smallfootprint and therefore slender proportions. But I guess that's more a blessing of non-coercive zoning than the architect's contribution. Compare it to that fat glass pig proposed for 338-346 East 23rd Street.

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    I agree with you. I also like how the facade is curved in certain places which contrasts nicely with sharp edges elsewhere.

    The Sixth Ave. foot print is tiny. It seems like two old (and very small)tenements were razed on 6th to make room for this, as were several more on the side street.

    PS: There's an ad for this in the NY Times today.

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    I thought building "Sliver's" became illegal in the 90's...

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    slivers were "outlawed" in the 80's, but I think they applied to smaller sized plots ... it seems that the "law" in that regard might have been changed -- or simply forgotten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1
    ... it seems that the "law" in that regard might have been changed -- or simply forgotten.
    ...and a good thing too!

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    Is anyone else familiar with this plot? The 6th Ave. portion is tiny!

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    I don't mind a sliver building on a corner. It's the mid-block sliver buildings with blank walls on either side...they are all ugly.

    I like this one, but now that I mentioned it, I wonder what the other side will look like, it may be a blank wall.

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    If you look at the back left corners of the building, it appears to be transparent. I think this one's all glass. And it's pretty awesome. Finally a good building from Costas.

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    See, I've said before Costas was getting better with each project. This is exactly the type of design we've always complained we weren't getting but now we finally are and so I'm happy.
    This is a great example of how--with a little creativity--even a boxy design can be made to look nice.
    Is this thing "as of right" or will this be another one of those that will languish for a few years and never be heard of again?

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