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Thread: twentysomething moving to BROOKLYN: what neighborhood?

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    Question twentysomething moving to BROOKLYN: what neighborhood?

    I'm 23 and originally from Long Island and I'm looking to relocate to Brooklyn because my parents are moving down south. I currently am finishing up a paralegal certification course at Hofstra.... I'll be looking for a job at a lawfirm in either Manhattan or Brooklyn. Obviously, I won't be making all that much money because the only experience I have is a few months interning at a LI personal injury firm. I'd love to shoot for monthly rent of $1000 or less... but I'm not at all familiar with Brooklyn prices. Can anyone offer me advice on where to look? Specifically, which neighborhoods? I know Williamsburg is nice, as well as Park Slope / Caroll Gardens. Is Bay Ridge nice? I'm really lost... I ordered a few books of Amazon, but they don't really help differentiate the neighborhoods. Also, can someone tell me how long it takes to commute by subway from Brooklyn to midtown? Thanks alot.

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    Takes me 25 minutes to get from Greenpoint (neighborhood just north of Williamsburg) to Midtown (Rockefeller Center). Friends of mine have studios in the area (Greenpoint and Bushwick) for about $800. Williamsburg is ok ou the Montrose stop on the L. I don't reccomend living on the JMZ, but if you work downtown it might work out for you. If you go to bars a lot you'd like the neighborhood. If you hate hipsters or shake your cane in the air and damn kids today... you would not like it.

    South Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Caroll/Cobble/Boerum, Park Slope) is more expensive (not than Williamsburg proper) but much prettier and the average age is higher. In between the two (Ft. Green, Clinton Hill, Bed-Sty) is pretty and cheaper, but not as gentrified.

    Bay Ridge (and Sheepshead Ba, etc) are nice, but boring and far from Manhattan. If you're a homebody or have a car you might like it.

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