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Thread: 225 West 57th Street - Extell - Hotel / Condo

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    Checking Frank Williams website his design for this site is now grouped at the end of the New York Portfolio with other dead designs. The New York Portfolio consists of first proposals, than built works, and lastly arguably dead designs.

    This probably won't be built but perhaps an even better Christian de Portzamparc design will. From what I've read this will be Extell's signature project.

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    This Frank Williams tower was proposed for Extell's site at 157 W. 57th across from Carnegie Hall. It's not the site for 225 West 57th.

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    Is anyone else really disheartened by this gaping hole in our streetscape, this monument to the destruction of our history and American culture? I see this mammoth void in what used to be one of the classiest and densest parts of Manhattan and I can only think of our economic failures and our greed, and our blatant disregard for what architecture did to make this city great.

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    I have faith that Extell will build two magnificent landmarks on 57th Street, and I believe that de Portzamparc will design them.

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    From the Post: (might be this site)

    There's big news on West 57th Street: Gary Barnett's Extell has at last filed plans with the Buildings Department for its hotel/condo tower diagonally across from Carnegie Hall.

    The long-awaited, 953-foot tower between Sixth and Seventh avenues will soar to 73 stories, with the hotel and stores on floors one through 20, residential amenities on 21-22, and apartments on all the floors above them. The architect is Costas Kondylis, who designed Trump World Tower.

    Extell's tower will have a hotel lounge and ballroom on the second floor; a res taurant on the third; a pool, spa, residential dining room and library on 21. The tower's total floor area will be 830,000 square feet.

    All this follows our Dec. 2 report that the spire would include a "5-star," Park Hyatt Hotel - facts we gleaned from the Web site of Aegis Security Design, which Extell hired to provide "physical and electronic security" for the skyscraper.

    Extell still won't confirm or deny the Park Hyatt deal and - surprise - Aegis is no longer involved with the project.

    The $1 billion question remains how Barnett can get financing for the tower, even while most developers are starved for credit. But the purposefulness with which Extell has moved said it's a done deal.

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    While it seems that the site across from Carnegie Hall may start soon, I suspect that this Hard Rock site will not proceed for quite a while.

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    Post 255 West 57th St.

    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer View Post
    While it seems that the site across from Carnegie Hall may start soon, ..........
    You may be on to something here: there was a lot of activity on the site last week.

    I just added this thread to my subscription list; hope your right about a Christian de Portzamparc design.

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    Any updates? Getting tingly thinking about this one.

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    I was in NY for a day and saw that the old Hard Rock building is wrapped in scaffolding. Does anyone know if demolition is imminent?

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    Superb! Another hole in the ground! Can't wait!

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    Thumbs down

    I didn't know the red brick building was coming down too. That sucks- the replacement tower better be exceptional.

    Some older pictures:

    Both these buildings are being torn down.

    58th St side.

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    Has netting been applied over the red brick building too?

    Has the supermarket closed?

    I used to shop there sometimes when I lived on CPS. It was crappy and overpriced.

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    Yup. (left side) No idea about the supermarket.

    There's only a demo permit out for the taller building so far.

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    Bit by bit, piece by piece, down comes 57th Street.

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