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Thread: 225 West 57th Street - Extell - Hotel / Condo

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    As much as I love old buildings, I don't care about these two.

    I believe, moreover, that Extell will build a stunning masterpiece in their place.

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    I'm just worried about them being able to secure financing and being able to build here, as well as further down 57th Street, where nothing has happened for some time; it's a shame to see such a premier, visible boulevard marred by holes in the ground. Unbecoming of a world city! I.e., biting off more than they can chew.

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    Barnett is one developer in whom I have not lost faith. DePortzamparc's website lists two 900+ foot towers on West 57th Street commissionned by Extell. Moreover, we know that Barnett already has a relationship with de Portzamparc for the Riverside project.

    The economy is bottoming-out, and I believe that by the time these gems are finished, there will be a demand for them.

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    Is the red-brick facade on Broadway coming down too?

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    A drumbeat of destruction.

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    Extell owns the dumpy building on 58th that Landmark HS is located in. Does anyone know if that school will move? Supposedly, the Board of Ed. leases the site.

    The following is from The Real Deal.

    220 West 58th St and 221 West 57th St (former Hard Rock Cafe building)Address220 West 58th St and 221 West 57th St (former Hard Rock Cafe building)Square-Feet0TenantGary Barnett-led groupRepresentativen/aLandlordn/aLandlord RepresentativeV. Carrega, S. Penan, Grubb & Ellis
    Notes: Site can be build to 300,000 sf

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    There's a sidewalk shed in front of the brick portion along Broadway. Hoping somebody gets their hands on the great old "LIQUOR" sign ...

    Along 57th it's like a row of ghosts ...

    Next door at 215 W 57 is a real beauty: The Art Students League ...

    225 W 57

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    Very sad to see them go. This area of 57th Street has become / is becoming unrecognizable.

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    I really believe that a very tall masterpiece will rise here. If it does, I don't mind losing the Hardrock. Also, it seems that the bulk of the square footage from these parcels comes from the gritty structures on 58th which I will be glad to see come down.

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    The real facade (or the 58th street facade) of the Hard Rock building seems to be very intricate and detailed, with rather nice ornamentation. Or am I wrong?

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    The Hardrock is a decent building, although its base was ruined with that tacked-on, white stone.

    If it were being replaced by a 25 story glass box, I'd be against the demolition, but if a 950 tower by de Portzamparc rises in its place, I'm pleased to see it go.

    Also, that filthy high school on 58th is supposed to be razed too which is a real plus.

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    Extell owns the utter eyesore located on W 58th Street behind the Hardrock hotel site. As per the following statement, which appeared on the Landmark HS website, hopefully, this piece of junk will meet the wrecking ball soon:

    Congratulations Class of 2009
    Written by Richard on 07-09-2009 09:41:44

    What a group of students!!! Congratulations on finishing high school and good luck at NYU, Mt St. Vincents, Sarah Lawrence, LIU, SUNY, Russell Sage, Mercy, John Jay, Hobart and William Smith, Pace and the couple of dozen of other schools you all will be attending. You are the last group to graduate from 220 W 58th St, great to leave on a high note. Keep in touch.

    I also found this:

    Location: Bayard Rustin Educational Campus, 351 West 18th Street
    Additional Information: Bayard Rustin will begin phasing out in the 2009-10 school year and will not admit a new 9th grade. The Landmark High School will be relocated to the building in 2009 and Manhattan Business Academy is a new school that will open in the building in 2009. The DOE is looking for an additional new school to open in the building in 2010.
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    Post 255 West 57th Street

    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer View Post
    As per the following statement, which appeared on the Landmark HS website, hopefully, this piece of junk will meet the wrecking ball soon:


    Your "piece of junk" remark reminded me of my favorite TV commercial.

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    When I was in NY last week, movers were emptying the dumpy building on 58th Street that housed the Landmark HS. I cannot wait for it to be razed.

    PS: That's a good commercial.

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