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Thread: Trump SoHo - 246 Spring Street - Hotel and Condo - by Handel Architects

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    Quote Originally Posted by DowntownMaven View Post
    I am not a stalker, and I have better things to research than anonymous commenters domiciles.
    . Yet you come here to post something that no one cares about, and take the time to note that Roldan is now in Boulder.

    it seems to be, you may have way too much time on your hands, Zippy.
    That seems to fit you much better.

    Regarding the other (selective) quotes you supplied, not one referenced opposition to a conforming hotel being built, did it? The Villager article clearly indicated that the use that was the issue, not a building. Things like "traffic congestion" were a mere ancillary issue, not a reason that was ever seriously offered to stop the project. And would even you deny that it is "out of character" and "out of scale"? Of course not! Even a blind person would agree with that.
    Quotes are quotes. Can we have a second word of the day - rationalization.

    Further, your selective quotes from people not directly involved with the issue is a failed effort at avoiding the thrust of the opposition.
    Any experienced activist will tell you that you shouldn't trivialize the opinions of the public. They drive issues. You're not very good at this stuff, are you?

    Why not be intellectually honest and supply the quotes from an opposition leader that were stated in the opening paragraphs?
    Why, did you?
    Quote Originally Posted by DowntownMaven
    Not one single organization that opposed the zoning flim-flam, not one local elected officials, not one of the myriad lawsuits that opposed the zoning scam, ever, ever, ever complained about the construction of a building. Never. It was about the zoning violation that the project was trying to shove through. Period.
    Nope, you didn't.

    Clearly, there was no opposition to a building being built.
    If you can get statements from Christine Quinn and Assemblymember Deborah Glick that they lied in their statements, maybe we'll take you seriously.

    "to elicit approval from us?" Sir, you surely have a bloviated sense of the worth of your approval.
    Then why are you here? Nobody gives a rat's ass.

    Besides, I had absolutely no idea there were time limits on this thread.
    Actually, you missed the rationale behind my comment. Not so much to do with time, more like tone. Here's your initial post:
    Quote Originally Posted by DowntownMaven
    To all the doubters/haters on this thread who claimed that the activists' efforts at getting the 28-day restriction - as well as the myriad lawsuits - had nothing to do with ruining Trump/Sapir/Bayrock's scheme of a zoning end-run = ROTFL. It took a few years to prove our point, but the proof is in the headlines.
    It's a sad state of affairs when you have to remind someone of what they posted one day ago.

    You're really not very good at this. What exactly do you do at this organization?

    Oh wait, I remember.

    Sorry, Mr. Chimp, better go back to pushing those lab buttons, a task better suited for those arboreal simians who cannot see the forest from the trees.
    Are you still sleeping with Berman? I figure one good insult deserves another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastMillinocket View Post
    Orville Redenbacher's heirs are making a fortune off this thread.
    I figured Amanda Knox could use some competition.

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    Hey, by the way DT Maven: do know know if the Soho alliance and Jim Stanton is still 'active' (no pun intended) these days. Years ago when I live in the area Jim, myself and the SoHo alliance was able to block a zoning variance to build a condo on the corner of prince/mulberry street. I have some fond memories of my past NIMBY activities in Soho, and reading your posts always reminds me of that upstart group I once ran with for a short time in a previous life: in short, I can at least relate to who you are, and what you are trying to accomplish. Any, news on the current activities of Jim Stanton - if permitted - and the Soho Alliance would be of some interest to me; if no only for the sake of hearing a little about my past downtown neighbors and other assorted 'downtown mavens'.

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