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Thread: Dubai

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    more pix, enjoy

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    What is the allure of that place?

    It looks nastier than LA on the worst summer day.

    And with hardly any of the green.

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    Interesting to see where all of this construction will leave Dubai in 10 years.

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    Palm Jumeirah under construction:

    Palm Deirah:

    World Islands

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    Amazing scale of developments, but how much of it is really needed?

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    Basically the Dubai Emirate has 20 years of oil left ,and back in the day the ruling Sheikh came up with a business plan to ensure the city would have an economic future beyond oil, in competition with the other Emirates and Sheikhs. He of course built the Burj-al-Arab, the worlds first 7 star hotel, and along with the duty free shopping successfully lured the luxury market. Next was tourism - Palm Jumeirah quickly followed to extend the beaches to hundreds of km. On the back of that success came the World Islands - snapped up by the worlds celebrities even before completion, and soon to come Palm Deira.

    Basically the initial plans have flowered beyond recognition as tourism and business has soared, making the city the de facto playground for the worlds billionaires, and where the Middle East in general comes to let their hair down.

    Foreigners now number 90% of the population, making it the worlds most cosmopolitan city in terms of percentage, and tourism is predicted to climb from 6.5 million in 2006 to 10 million by 2010, making it the worlds 2nd or 3rd most visited city in terms of foreign arrivals (after London and Bangkok). Location also helps immeasurably -billions of people live within 6hrs flight of the city. The new airport, currently seeing in 40 million passengers p/a, has capacity for 120 million.

    Of course if the current economic climate does significantly affect the oil demand and Middle East (or billionaires for that matter), the other emirates will still help Dubai out. The UAE as a country still has huge reserves of oil left (more than US, Venezuela, Russia or China), and 120 years left on the clock (by comparison 20 years longer than the Saudis, and 12x longer than the US, which has only 11 years left at current production). It also has the worlds 3rd largest natural gas reserves - all this for a country population of 3.8 million.

    In other words if tourism, luxury goods, and billionnaire investment do simultaneously dry up, there is always the oil and gas. And vice versa. Like I said before the population is only 3.8 million.
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    They have over-islanded, looks like crap now.

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    Trust me there's going to be more. The whole city will one day resemble an archipelago - its all about beachfront.

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    Shame, the palms looked good jutting out on their own, now the are crushed in.

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    Those islands are tasteless environmental disasters.

    Also, the roads in Dubai seem to make little sense for a city promising all this future growth. It's not like it will ever become a walking city when it's so damn hot all the time.

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    Nakheel Harbour Tower - Site Prep.

    Oct. 19, 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by lofter1 View Post
    What is the allure of that place?
    My 10 year old daughter, upon being intoduced to the projects in Dubai: "That place is the future"
    It is the allure of the cutting edge.

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    I understand the allure of the pretty pictures.

    What I don't get is the allure of the real place.

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    I doubt a ten year old has a firm grasp of the urban environment. Dubai might look like a futuristic cityscape but that doesnt mean its good. Yes it looks cool, but would I want to live there. No way. And thats before I even consider the heat.

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    As far as living there is concerned, I doubt I would be interested either. Having never lived in an urban environment myself, I'll defer to your analysis of that.
    On another level, I see Dubai as a beacon of hope in that part of the world. I see the possibility of it helping to bridge the cultures of the middle eastern and western worlds.

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