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Thread: Airports closed??

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    Default Airports closed??

    We travel to New York tomorrow,the big news on tv over here at the moment are the horrific snow storms,the news report says there are no flights in and out of New York,can anyone confirm if this is in fact is true?As we're only coming for six dys it would really take a chunk out of our stay if we're sat on an airport floor for a few days!!!How are the weather conditions at the moment?Our five day forecast predict sun and 13 degrees by friday!!Bizarre!
    Thanks in anticipation.

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    No clue, but reports say that the airports thenselves are opening up today.

    There WILL be a backlog though, and supposedly booked flights have priority over people who were held over....

    GL! And we hope you like snow!

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    Today is totally clear + cold (20 degreees) with sun & blue skies; forecast for Tuesday is clear and 38 degrees. Go here for forecast:

    Things will be somewhat backed up at NYC airports today (Monday) but by Tuesday things should be back to normal.

    You will probably get to see NY transform from winter wonderland to the grey slushy mess that NYers know so well...

    Be sure to get to Central Park ASAP after arrival to see the Park under snow before it all goes away.

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    You'll be fine once all the hype dies down. It's supposed to be above freezing tomorrow, so the airports will be ok.

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    No better source of info on US airports than this:

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