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Thread: 9/11 memorials, museums?

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    Default 9/11 memorials, museums?


    I was wondering if there was any independantly run (or anything) 9/11 museums?

    Also what would you say are the most touching/important 9/11 memorials to visit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MattUK
    ...what would you say are the most touching/important 9/11 memorials to visit.

    Five years after, they're still squabbling over the configuration.

    I understand they just unveiled a nice new one in Italy.

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    huh? i mean, i know theres one on staten island etc etc...

    cud i get a list from somewhere of memorials or whatever

    also are there any 9/11 museums?

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    There aren't any September 11th museums in New York City.

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    Default 9/11 Memorials

    St. Paul's Chapel across the street from Ground Zero where rescue workers were cared for

    St. Vincent's Hospital where the families posted 'missing' posters

    Fire Fighters' Museum which has devoted a room to the members who died that day

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablarc
    I understand they just unveiled a nice new one in Italy.
    Libeskind's "Memory and Light"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian
    St. Vincent's Hospital where the families posted 'missing' posters
    t's the "Wall of rememberance'
    See :

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    Default 9/11 memorials

    Sunday's NY Post carried a report that St Vincent's has removed the 'missing' posters temporarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schadenfrau
    There aren't any September 11th museums in New York City.
    What about the one in the meatpacking district?

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    I've never heard of anything like that.

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    Default 9/11 Memorials

    I discovered it while checking out my second-favourite site
    ''. It's called the Ground Zero Museum and Workshop at 420 W14. It's usually by appointment so check out their site. I would love to hear from someone who has gone there.

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    Gary Suson, the man who runs that museum, is generally considered a liar and a scam artist. He has long been at odds with the Uniformed Firefighters Association for claiming that he was the FDNY's "official photographer," when there is no such title.

    His "museum" is far from authorized.

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    St. Paul's is the best museum, with its own story plus video footage and artifacts, then walk through the cemetery out back, cross the street and walk around the perimeter fence all the way down to the fire house.

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    Default Gary Suson's 9/11 Museum praised by 9/11 Families and FDNY Firemen

    Dear Schadenfrau: This is Gary Suson, the Official Photographer at Ground Zero for the Uniformed Firefighters Association. I am also an Honorary Battalion Chief, appointed on January 22, 2004 at FDNY Headquarters by the Commisioner. I wanted to take a moment to reply to your malicious and hateful posting that called me a liar, a scam and someone allegedly at odds with the very union whom appointed me and whom I also raise charitable contributions for. My posting here is also to give the poor souls whom had the misfortune of reading your errant posting the correct data so they may be informed of this wonderful museum. First off, it is clear that you read the false and malicious articles printed by a certain tabloid newspaper from last September; the same paper that was recently served with a lawsuit for saying such defamatory comments. That data concerning this suit was posted in last weeks Daily News. So, to begin with, you are correct - there are no "authorized" museums because the FDNY does not (nor the NYPD) endorse nor authorize any museums unless it is the FDNY Fire Zone. It is against FDNY and NYPD rules to "endorse" anything. The reason that so many 9-11 families have come to this touching museum, written letters of support, endorsed it in the Daily News and continue to come is because the museum is tasteful, it honors the dead, pays homage to the Recovery Workers -- and for four years I have been entrusted to "do the right thing." In four years of press/media worldwide on my work I have never had anyone write anything but praise simply because I have used tact and sensitivity from Day 1 at Ground Zero and it shows. The reason so many firemen, current and retired have come here and also volunteer here is because it is tasteful. The reason that my Barnes & Noble book was endorsed by so many respected FDNY is because it was tasteful and trust was earned at Ground Zero. I don't appreciate your defamatory comments, nor do the charities related to the FDNY and 9-11 that I raise money for. Perhaps in the future, you should quote "REAL" & respected news sources instead of tabloid papers whose name I cannot mention here. Perhaps mention quotes like "Intimate Images" by the Associated Press, "Rare Photos" by the New York Times, "Images Taken with a Heavy Heart" by CNN or "The Matthew Brady of the World Trade Center" & "Incredible" by FOX News, who made reference to the Civil War Collection. Or you could quote the FBI who said the collection "Touched Our Hearts" or you could simply log onto: and read the families testimonials along with respected members of the FDNY. You see, what you did by spreading such black propaganda is nothing short of criminal, just as that tabloid paper did who is about to be held responsible in court. What you did was try to manipulate the people who read your posting into believing that something constructive, created by many loving hands to benefit 9-11 charity is really something destructive, created by a liar and a scam artist. There is nothing like this museum in NYC and it fills a terrible void for those who wish to see what the "Recovery" was like but prior to our opening had no way to do so. Lastly, I was never at "odds" with the administration of the fire union who appointed me Official Photographer at Ground Zero. I have many signed letters of praise and endorsement from them, which you may also view on the website. YOU are the liar and YOU are the one scamming people who log onto a valuable search engine for NY Travel, thus depriving them of a museum they might otherwise have wanted to see. If you have so much hate, then seek therapy for that hate. But if you are simply someone who was misinformed with incorrect data, I hope that this correct data helps you.

    September 11 and the trail of bruised emotions it left in its wake is a topic that must be handled very carefully. Throwing insults out randomly without thinking it through using the 9-11 backdrop is to tread heavily on emotionally dangerous waters. Using it to villanize anyone without having correct data is once again, criminal.


    Gary Marlon Suson, Hon. Battalion Chief, FDNY
    Curator, Ground Zero Museum Workshop
    Official Photographer at Ground Zero, Uniformed Firefighters Association

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