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Thread: Things to do around Nassau Coliseum?

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    Default Things to do around Nassau Coliseum?

    Next week I will be in a small bachelor party. We're surprising the groom-to-be with front-row seats to an Islanders game, since he's been a lifelong fan.

    We're going to be driving up from Philly (where I live), and none of us are familiar with the area around the Coliseum. Does anyone have recommendations for a good bar/restaurant to go nearby after the game?

    Also, as it turns out the Islanders will be playing the Flyers that day. Personally I'm not a big hockey fan but as a Philadelphian I feel the need to repre-zent and support the Flyers. How rabid are Islanders fans? Will I get beat up for rooting for the opposing team (I'm not the type to be obnoxious about it)? If the situation were reversed, I'd be leery of wearing Islanders gear at the Wachovia Center, which is why I ask.

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    Default Not a native

    I'm not a LI native, in fact I'm from Philadelphia as well. However, I am an islanders fan and have been to the Coliseum countless times over the past 25 years or so.

    Things to do around the Coliseum? Not much. Imagine if someone had built an arena along Street Road in Bensalem or along Route 38 in South Jersey. Hempstead Turnpike, where the Coliseum is located, is just like that...a suburban strip of shopping centers and chain restaurants. There is a bar in the Marriott across from the arena, as well as a Hooters down the Turnpike a bit in East Meadow. Perhaps there are some drinking establishments on the nearby Hofstra University campus, I couldn't say. I've never hung around after games, usually I would go straight home, or back to Manhattan for some sightseeing. Nothing along the strip caught my eye. Hopefully a native could help you better in that respect.

    As far as going to the game and rooting for Philly, it shouldn't be a problem. The only fights I've ever seen there have been at Islanders-Rangers games. I've seen the Flyers up there many times, accompanied by Flyers fans, without incident. (Same goes for me wearing my Isles jersey at the Spectrum/Wachovia center...some rude comments, nothing more). BTW, I'll be at the March 4th game as well, but I'll be up in the rafters with a group of Flyers fans.

    Have a great time!

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