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    Anyone from Greenock in Scotland.

    I found a great new site last night with hundreds of photographs, new and old of the area.

    Reason I was looking for it was that my Grandad was telling me stories of his adventures during WW2 and this was the port they landed at when first going to Europe.

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    hello just wanted to say i loved the pics of scotland i am from greenock but been living in the usa for 20 years your pics brought back some old memorys and i thank you for that katie

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    Default Greenock

    Hi there, I'm originally from Greenock, Scotland although I now live in the Channel Islands. I've been running a message board for Greenock expats for almost eight years now (Sue's Blether Board). The board is very successful with over 1,500 current members.

    Please feel free to drop in - we have photographs, local history, current affairs, local news, genealogy, live chat, etc, etc. Membership is free but by approval only. Once you sign up you will receive an email to authorise entry to the forum area.
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    Hi I am a Greenock lassie now happily living in the U.S. I love to see old pics of home, lots of happy memories, although the town has changed and not for the better.

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