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Thread: Moving to Harlem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schadenfrau
    Come on, now is really not the time.
    Really czsz, don't be an asshole.

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    Not really sure the context, but I found this in a google cache dated 8/16/05.

    Big Apple is no crime capital
    I recently read Vijay Verghese's February 2003 Check-in comment "Advice on Travel Advisories". As a New Yorker, I was greatly enlightened about the horrifically violent state of my city, as well as London and Paris. I was particularly intrigued by the statistics cited about the Big Apple, particularly those regarding homicides.

    Your article erroneously states that New York's homicide rate was 13.5 "in its heyday." If we are talking about the 1940s and 1950s, when the city's prosperity and optimism knew no bounds, then that figure is wrong. For a city of its size (eight million then, eight million now), the average murder count 1940s-1950s of 250 to 300 is a relatively tame 3.12 to 3.75. That may be oh so frightening for a resident of Hongkong, with a tame one murder per 100,000 people, but no one is perfect.

    I've spent time in Harlem and I've never been mugged, shot, raped, or had my car stolen. [This reputation] is so Eighties

    In another section of the article, Verghese wrote that New York experienced 2,000 homicides a year up until the mid-1990s. This is only partially true, as the only two years in the city's history where the murder count exceeded 2,000 were 1990 and 1991. That number has since declined to fewer than six hundred - 587 in 2002 - Year of the Hearse indeed! And the figure is dropping. Your statistics for the year 2000, which included 952 murders, are off by about four years; that was the murder count for 1996.

    No, pretty much every single business traveller survives the trip to the airport, where the biggest problem is the traffic on the Van Wyck Expressway. Yes, I've spent plenty of time in Harlem and have never been mugged, shot, raped, or had my car stolen; its reputation as a crime-ridden place is SO 1980s. No, I don't barricade myself in my house every day, as you have advised. New York City is no Medellin-on-the-Hudson.

    As for London and Paris: London does not have a homicide every day, more like 170 a year - fairly tame for a Hongkong-sized city. The Paris figure, however, is accurate, because that city is struggling with a huge rise in violent crime due to unemployment and racial tension. I also take offense at your statement that the United States's murder rate is three times the international average. Where is the source?

    Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, the Philippines, Thailand, Venezuela, Peru, Jamaica and Haiti, among others, all have much higher murder rates. If you must recommend a travel advisory for an American city, however, apply it to one that actually HAS a contemporary reputation for violence: Detroit, New Orleans, Washington DC and Chicago would all be valid examples.

    Now if you will excuse me, I have a jazz performance in Harlem to attend. I'll let you know if I see a Balinese kecak dance up on 125th Street.

    Broderick Hehman, New York

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    Really czsz, don't be an asshole.
    I'm just wondering what happened, and objecting to people who would like to use this incident to prove that Harlem is unsafe (which is truly tasteless given the context). Christ. I didn't accuse him of any drug deals (exactly the opposite!) I don't appreciate my concern being mistranslated as tilted accusations. This is someone who was one degree of separation removed from me. If it seems like I'm too involved in the details, it's because I'm close to people who deeply care. If it seems like I insulted him, it's because you misread what I wrote.
    Last edited by czsz; April 5th, 2006 at 02:27 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quendi
    My brother and I are planning on moving to Harlem for his new job at a school there, but we are being told non-stop of how dangerous of an area Harlem is. I was wondering if Harlem really is as dangerous as people say, or if some parts are dangerous while others just as safe as anywhere else.
    Thanks for all the help.
    Harlem has got a lot better in recent years; the areas around the Housing Projects (i.e. - where the Polo Grounds use to be) are not the greatest at all. Spanish Harlem I think is safer than Harlem (that's east of 5th Avenue). I wouldn't suggest wondering around Harlem late at night as like Central Park it's not the greatest area of town at night. Hope this helped.

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    May he rest in peace, Hehman is now dead. His article must be seen in that context as tragic irony.

    Will his death be logged statistically as a murder or an accident?

    Either way, this is not a convincing time to proclaim Harlem's safety.

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    Default NY precincts map

    Hi Lofter1 ! thanks for the links . But where did U get the map of Manhattan's precincts ? I'd be thankful since I'm working on the subject at the moment.
    All the best.

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    I did a search at and found these (various precinct info): LINK

    Here's the NYPD homepage:

    And this is the link to the Map:

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