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    Alcoholic Architecture in Southsea, Portsmouth

    Southsea is located on the southern end of Portsea Island where the city of Portsmouth is located. No less fitting than for St Patrick's Day (and to pot - I'm half Irish!).

    These pictures illustrate the pubs that are still 'active' in the Southsea area. These pictures exclude bars (pubs are essentially public bars - but are totally different from what most would call 'bars'), wine bars, clubs and other drinking establishments!

    Unfortunately due to the scattered and local nature of the pubs its hard for me to get to visit all of them, so this isn't by far the reflection of all the pubs in Southsea. I didn't even take a picture of my local which is similar to the last pub, but with a tudor-esque tower to the front and much taller. Also after a few pints (it was an awfully cold day) you tend to forget what you originally set out to! Now whatever you do - don't drink anything like Bud while viewing this thread!

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    Great thread. Thanks for posting all of the beautiful pictures. I will try to take some pictures of NY pubs and post.

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    I really don't need to see these on March 18th.

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    Britain's greatest institution.

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    Default cheers

    lovely tour.....thanks

    Got a hankering for Saranac Black and Tan (not Bud!) as I veiw them.

    What can i say here other than.....cheers!

    thanks again.

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    A hundred ways to turn a corner.

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