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Thread: 301 Forty Sixth - 301 West 46th Street at 8th Avenue - by Fegan / Berg / Architects

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    The Kevin Saint James bar building at the center of the block is pretty much a memory.

    Two weeks ago, out front:

    And being hacked away from the parking lot out back:

    By last week the bricks had been chopped down, leaving a hole in the 8th Avenue blockfront:

    Not much left out back, either:


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    Huh. I had missed this thread. I walked by there a few weeks ago and wondered what was happening. I naively thought they might be renovating for a new tenant. I'd never been to the Kevin Saint James and remember wondering what a "Party Room" would mean in a place like that.

    Any new info on what's going up? I've never heard of Tribeach Holdings, but the rends look like ape vomit. Luckily a cheaply built, bland, 40-story condo tower (with or without lethal crane activity) will be "appropriate" for the Kaufman-dominated neighborhood and not "eccentric," making the Nouvel-less world safe for CB5.
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    There should be a lot of changes to the design of this project. For starters, it is no longer 46 stories but 38 stories. Even the architectural firm has changed their name (from Berg-Fegan to Berg & Flynn).

    Here is a mention of this project in yesterday's NY Post:

    ...Meanwhile, on the West Side between 46th and 47th Streets - across from SJP Properties' new luxury apartment tower known as The Platinum - Irish-owned TriBeach Holdings has filed plans for a 38-story apartment and hotel tower. Demolition is underway...

    The DOB permit (listed as 741 Eighth Ave) also supports the floor figure reported by the Post.

    Here are the most recent pics of the site taken by BrooklynRider just a few days ago with buildings still being demo'd:

    Quote Originally Posted by BrooklynRider View Post
    Looks like the NW corner of 46th & Eighth is getting readied for the wrecking ball.

    Eighth Avenue Frontage:

    46th Street Frontage

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    Default Project Stalled

    OOPS! Looks like trouble for this site ...

    Work stops on 8th Ave hotel-condo

    The Real Deal

    TriBeach has stopped work on its Eighth Avenue 37-story hotel-condo building, leaving a crater in two buildings on the lot between 46th and 47th streets. Although the plans had not been approved yet, demolition had begun and pavement plans were filed just two months ago. City records show three different mortgages for the site, totaling $80 million. TriBeach has also postponed a meeting with the local community board.

    More at: [post]




    Steve Cuozzo / NY POST

    A big Eighth Avenue de velopment site might not be developed any time soon.

    Work has stopped at TriBeach's assemblage on the avenue's west side between 46th and 47th streets, setting off a buzz that the parcel might soon hit the sale market.

    Last winter, Dublin-based TriBeach filed plans with the Buildings Dept. for a 37-story hotel/apartment project.

    Although the plans had yet to be approved, demolition continued and plans for pavement work were filed just two months ago.

    In another sign the project was on the fast track, TriBeach reps scheduled a meeting with Community Board 4 last month to request an inclusionary housing bonus, which would allow for greater height in exchange for creating apartments on the site, to be run by Catholic Charities.

    But work has since stopped. TriBeach pushed the CB4 meeting back to next month although no date is set, according to CB4 District Manager Bob Benfatto.

    Times Square Alliance's Tim Tompkins was also puzzled.

    The work suspension has left the block front with a crater in the middle and the corner building at 301 W. 46th St. vacant except for a DVD store.

    City Finance Dept. records appear to show three different mortgages on the property, held by Bank of Scotland and totaling about $80 million.

    Elise Kessler, a TriBeach lawyer, said she was unable to reach her client for comment yesterday.

    Copyright 2008 NYP Holdings, Inc.

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    Thumbs down 301 w 46th st.

    I use to live at 301 w 46th st and i was told they could not tear down the building because it was an historic site?? So much of the character of New York is being destroyed for these stupid bulidings!!! I miss the culture of Times Square back in the day!

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    What's going on with this site? Has demolition been completed?

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    The building on the corner (the one with the DVD Palace) still stands. They finished leveling the other buildings on the lot, though--the block looks like it got its two front teeth knocked out.

    They have reopened a staffed parking lot on the leveled and paved sections of the block. The project is in heaven.
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    The site and plans are being sold, with the air rights aquired from nearby blocks and theatres.

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    Thanks for the updates.

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    Has demolition continued? What is left along 8th Ave.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer View Post
    Has demolition continued? What is left along 8th Ave.?
    Demolition stopped a few months ago. It looks the same as in the picture above.

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    DOB shows that just this week the latest Plan Exam for the New Building has been DISAPPROVED (for what looks to be the EIGHTH TIME in the last nine months).

    The middle of the block is bleak, but there is a bit of activity in ye olde peeps showe ...

    741 Eighth

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    Great update!

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    Yes, thanks! I'd love to get that PEEPS INSIDE sign.

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