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Thread: Rest in Peace J.B. Hehman (TLOZ Link5)

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    I'm in shock here... took a little hiatus from the site and came back to this terrible news. I barely knew TLOZ but remember the conversation not too long ago about how it meant The Legend of Zelda, and the smile it brought to my face how one of my favorite games was being honored by someone else. He was far too young and had way too big of a heart to have deserved this fate. I truly hope that he is enjoying his time with his mother once again.

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    April 15, 2006
    4 Harlem Boys Will Be Tried as Juveniles

    Four Harlem teenagers accused of killing a New York University student by chasing him into a car's path during a robbery attempt will be tried as juveniles rather than adults, the Manhattan district attorney's office said yesterday.

    The teenagers — two are 13 and two are 15 — were initially arraigned this week as adults on second-degree murder charges in the death of the student, Broderick J. Hehman, 20. But prosecutors said yesterday that they did not seek a second-degree murder charge from a grand jury because their investigation found that there was not enough evidence to support the underlying theory of "depraved indifference" to life that that charge requires.

    While prosecutors did persuade the grand jury to charge the boys with seven lesser charges — including felony murder, manslaughter and attempted robbery — the law does not permit those under 16 to be treated as adults for those crimes under the circumstances of this case.

    Had they been tried as adults and convicted of second-degree murder, the boys would have faced sentences of up to life in prison. In Family Court, where juveniles are tried, the maximum sentence is five years in a juvenile jail, though that can be extended up to age 21.

    An assistant district attorney, Joel J. Seidemann, said it was the State Legislature that restricted prosecutors' ability to try juveniles.

    Mr. Seidemann described the crime on April 1 in Harlem — in which Mr. Hehman was struck by a Mercedes-Benz on 125th Street near Park Avenue as he fled the boys who were trying to rob him — as particularly heinous. He also defended the prosecution's initial attempt to seek to have the juveniles tried as adults. He said the boys held Mr. Hehman in a bearhug, punched the side of his head and tried to rob him. Mr. Hehman broke free, he said, and the boys chased him into the street.

    He said the boys stood on the corner and laughed while watching Mr. Hehman fly into the air as he was hit by the car, then smash headfirst into the windshield, shattering it.

    "They didn't call for an ambulance," Mr. Seidemann said of the attackers. "They didn't call for help. Rather, they stood on the street corner and laughed as he lay in the road."

    Mr. Seidemann said the boys had gone to 125th Street as a gang with the intention of committing robberies. "These defendants did not do this as a spur-of-the-moment crime," he said.

    Still, another prosecutor said, the crime did not include the degree of "moral depravity" or "wanton brutality" needed to sustain a charge of second-degree murder because the connection between the mugging and the death was not strong enough. A hypothetical example of depraved indifference, he said, would be driving through Times Square at 70 miles an hour at noon.

    Lawyers for two of the boys, Denzell Fell, 13, and Andrew Johnson, 15, denounced Mr. Seidemann's extended comments on the case as beyond what prosecutors should say when announcing grand jury results.

    "It was like a press conference in the courtroom," Daniel Gotlin, the lawyer for Denzell, said afterward. "It wasn't necessary. All he had to do was tell the judge the case was being transferred to Family Court. If you want to give a press conference, let's do it in the district attorney's office."

    Mr. Gotlin, who said his client attended school every day, is the child of a single mother, and had never been in trouble before, also objected to Mr. Seidemann's characterization of the boys laughing. Assuming they were there, he said he wondered what if they had not noticed what was going on and were talking and laughing about something entirely different.

    "It's a nightmare," Mr. Gotlin said. "I keep picturing my own son and daughter. They're babies when they're 13 years old."

    The four boys are being held at Spofford Juvenile Center in the Hunts Point section of the Bronx. The other two boys charged are Humberto Guzman, 13, and Hassan Mayfield, 15.

    Children under 16 cannot be charged with attempted crimes in adult court. Fifteen-year-olds can be charged with felony murder, meaning a death that occurs during the commission of another crime, but only if the underlying crime has been completed. In this case, the underlying crime, robbery, was not completed before Mr. Hehman fled into traffic.

    Mr. Hehman, who lived on the Upper East Side, was a junior majoring in urban studies at New York University. He was walking to a friend's apartment to play video games when he was attacked, the police said. Although one witness reported that the attackers, who were black, said "Get the white guy," the police and prosecutors said the crime was not a bias attack. They said the same group of boys had first picked out a Hispanic victim, and that they may have used race as a description, but not as a motive.

    Mr. Hehman's skull and the side of his head were fractured when he was hit by the car. He died four days later at Harlem Hospital Center.

    Copyright 2006 The New York Times Company

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    Yes this is VERY dissapointing... Here it says they can serve as much as 18 months!

    Pack Laughed as NYU kid lay dying

    April 15, 2006

    The four teenaged punks who chased an NYU student into the path of an oncoming car looked and laughed as he lay on the street dying, a prosecutor revealed yesterday.

    "They didn't call for an ambulance. They didn't call for help. Rather, they stood on the street corner and laughed," prosecutor Joel Seidemann said of the 13- and 15-year-olds who chased Broderick John Hehman into traffic.

    Hehman, 20, died four days later from his massive head injuries.

    And the wolf-pack thugs, who allegedly laid in wait for their victim, could have even more to smile about now. Prosecutors lost their bid to try the teens as adults yesterday when their cases were transferred to Manhattan Family Court - where they face about half as much time behind bars if convicted of the top charge against them, felony murder.

    Had they been tried as adults, the 15-year-olds would have faced nine years to life behind bars. Now, they face a maximum of five years in "restrictive placement," said Laurence Busching, head of the city Law Department's family court division.

    If they're convicted of the lesser charges against them, including manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide, they could get off with as little as 18 months in juvenile detention.

    Seidemann acknowledged that the case had to be transferred during a court appearance for Denzell Fell, 13 - but not before he revealed new details about the teens' sick reaction to Hehman's being mowed down.

    The prosecutor said Fell, Humberto Guzman, 13, Hassan Mayfield, 15, and alleged ringleader Andre "Chris" Johnson, 15, had gone out on the evening of April 1 "looking to rob somebody."

    It was on East 125th Street between Park and Lexington avenues that the group spotted Hehman, who'd just gotten out of the subway on his way to visit a friend.

    The pack of muggers immediately went after him, determined to steal his cellphone, Seidemann said. One "held him in a bear hug" and "punched him in the side of the head" before [Hehman] managed to break free, the prosecutor said.

    "The group pursued him" and "converged on him" from two sides, Seidemann said - forcing him into the street as he tried to run back to the subway.

    A silver Mercedes hit Hehman as he darted into the street. "His feet were knocked out from under him," he was thrown into the air, and "his head smashed into the windshield" so hard that the glass shattered, Seidemann said.

    The impact left Hehman lying in a bloody heap in the street - to the great amusement of his attackers.

    "[They] stood on the corner - laughing," Seidemann said.

    The teens were arrested a week later. Seidemann said the grand jury that investigated the case interviewed 14 witnesses to the attack.

    Only the two older kids could have been tried as adults, but the grand jury wasn't able to indict the pair on high enough charges due to what Seidemann called "a quirk" in the law. That quirk was a provision that allowed them to be indicted for second-degree murder only if they had successfully robbed Hehman before he was killed.

    Copyright 2006 NYP Holdings, Inc.

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    Those "kids" are nothing more than a bunch of malevolent thugs! They should get way more than 18 months! Their sentences should be extended by the simple fact that they laughed at TLOZ while he was dying and didn't help him.

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    Put yourself in their shoes. Your mark runs into the street and gets hit. He's lying on the ground, dying, and you're laughing.

    Imagine the depth of hatred you would have to feel to do that.

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    I think it's more indifference than hatred -- which to me is much sadder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kris
    April 15, 2006
    4 Harlem Boys Will Be Tried as Juveniles
    Terrible news. How deeply saddening that justice will not be served to these thugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deimos
    He was far too young and had way too big of a heart to have deserved this fate. I truly hope that he is enjoying his time with his mother once again.
    Hadn't thought about that. Touching thought.

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    The more details of the incident I hear the more upset I become. To think that he lay there and they LAUGHED! I am beginning to feel a sense of rage, which I am channeling back into this memoial project. I am outraged and cannot be idle in our wait for the trial.

    We are going to make a statement that this whole city hears! The worse this story gets the more we need to get people on board with us. Please share the story of our project.

    This was our first press release. It was accompanied by Jasonik's beatiful project flyer available for download from this site or via email if you make a request to me or Jasonik via PM.


    Attached is the completed project flyer (PDF format) for the "J.B. Hehman (a.k.a. TLOZ Link5) Memorial Project." We are extremely pleased to be collaborating with the non-profit New York Restoration Project, who have developed and led some of the most astounding natural, parkland and community garden restorations in New York City.

    J.B. Hehman was a member of the WiredNewYork community and a prolific contributor to our forum with 3,320 posts since November 13, 2002. He made his final post to our forum community on April 1st, 2006, three days prior to his senseless death in Harlem at the age of 20. WiredNewYork is a community of 585 Active Members with thousands of guests joining us to discuss New York City architecture, real estate, culture, politics and issues impacting New Yorkers. J.B., who went by the user name of TLOZ Link5, was a gentle soul and a light-hearted guy and, in the mix of his almost daily posts, were words of wisdom, foresight and introspection that seem beyond his twenty years.

    Our virtual community has reacted to this loss with a fervent drive to bring something constructive and productive to the community where this incident occurred. A project that reflects the compassion and kindness of J.B. Hehman that will enhance the community with a beautiful, sincere and lasting asset, which will be executed and dedicated by our anonymous members in J.B. Hehman's memory. We invite New Yorkers who wish to channel their energies into a demonstration of peace, community and healing to join us and ask that they follow the attached instructions. We have ambitious plans and hope that, with the support and generosity of New Yorkers, we may execute this and similarly spirited projects in J.B. Hehman's memory.

    Further information about our project, J.B. Hehman, and can be found at The entire community forums can be found at

    This project is being developed and executed by volunteers with the expert guidance of The New York Restoration Project.


    I am committed to making this project a success and making strong, positive and lasting response. For that reason, I cannot be shy in asking for your finacial support. If you can help us with a tax deuctible donation, please follow the instructions below.

    Please click on the link below and follow these basic instructions:

    1) Choose "Make a donation"
    2) Select your amount.
    3) Continue and enter your personal information.
    4) When you get to the credit card page, please enter in the "COMMENTS" area: Restricted to JB Hehman Project
    5) Please, for purposes of our own WiredNewYork acknowledgements, send an email to Let us know how much you contributed (so I can continue to report a running total for our community) and, if you are inclined, provide us with your WiredNewYork Username. All information will be kept confidential.

    Thank in advance for your generosity and your help.
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    Default Saddened...

    I'm new to this forum (an Oklahoman considering moving to NYC to live and work), and the first thing I encountered when I visited the main page was the news about J.B. Hehman. I'm so very sorry for your loss. What happened to him, and the cruelty with which it was carried out, is almost unspeakable, but it's heartening to see that so many here care about him and have taken steps to ensure that his legacy lives on.

    I look forward to getting to know all of you better in time, and please know that you, his family, and his friends are in my thoughts and prayers; it's clear he touched many lives while he was here...

    ~ Allison

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    Rev. Al sad for NYU student kin

    April 16, 2006

    The Rev. Al Sharpton offered condolences yesterday to the family of an NYU student allegedly chased to his death by teens in Harlem, but he disputed that he or the community had downplayed the incident.

    "What I am disturbed at is the false depiction that this community did not give any kind of condolence or support to the family - [and] second, the characterizing of these young men as 'wolf packs,'" Sharpton said at a Harlem news conference.

    "If they are guilty, they ought to face the system. But we didn't call people 'wolf packs' in Howard Beach last year or 19 years ago," Sharpton added, referring to violent incidents in Queens where the victims were black and the suspects white.

    Broderick John Hehman, 20, died April 5 at Harlem Hospital, four days after boys allegedly trying to steal his cell phone chased him in front of a car that struck him on E. 125th St.

    Humberto Guzman, 13; Denzell Fell, 13; Hassan Mayfield, 15, and Andre Johnson, 15, are scheduled to appear in Family Court tomorrow. Prosecutors have said the quartet will be charged as juveniles, not adults.

    At least one witness reported hearing one of the assailants yell, "Get the white boy!" as the student tried to escape. Asked if Hehman's death was a hate crime, Sharpton said authorities have already ruled that out.

    "I do not condone any crime - hate or not," he said. The Hehmans, whom Sharpton said he had not contacted directly, were not available for comment yesterday.

    All contents © 2006 Daily News, L.P.

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    Wow. I haven't posted on WiredNewYork in a while.

    I had heard about the JB Hehman murder in Harlem. But I never made the connection to TLOZ on WiredNewYork.

    Rest in peace, J.B. Hehman / TLOZ. We enjoyed your posts & contributions, and you will be missed.

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    Sharpton Says Harlem Death Not Rooted in Bias or Hate

    April 16, 2006

    Standing steps away in Harlem from where a white man was fatally injured while trying to escape four black teenagers accused of trying to rob him, the Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday denounced the death as a crime and a tragedy but avoided the racially charged language he has used when condemning attacks in the past.

    Mr. Sharpton, who spoke at a news conference, said he was not using the words "hate crime" and similar terms because prosecutors themselves had declined to make that charge.

    On Friday, the Manhattan district attorney said the four teenagers — two are 13 and two are 15 — had been indicted for felony murder and other charges in the death of Broderick J. Hehman, 20, a New York University student.

    The teenagers, who will be tried as juveniles, are accused of killing Mr. Hehman by chasing him into a car's path during a robbery attempt on April 1.
    Mr. Hehman was hit on 125th Street near Park Avenue, a busy intersection next to the Metro-North Railroad elevated tracks. He later died of his injuries.

    The authorities declined to charge the teenagers, who live in Harlem, with a hate crime, saying the motive for the attack was robbery, not racism. At first, one attacker was reported to have yelled, "Get the white guy."

    But on further investigation, the police said the attackers may not have meant it as a slur. The youths had earlier focused on a Hispanic man, but were dissuaded by a passing police car, the police said.

    In the initial confusion over whether the death was a bias crime, some commentators denounced Harlem political figures, including Mr. Sharpton, for not being evenhanded in their denunciation of racial violence.

    On Saturday, after a meeting of his organization, the National Action Network, Mr. Sharpton denounced Mr. Hehman's killing, as he had done in a prepared statement earlier in the week.

    "The message is that we don't condone any killing," Mr. Sharpton said. "We sent our condolences to the family" of Mr. Hehman, "and those that say that people in Harlem didn't respond, that is not true. Everyone feels that this was wrong."

    Also at the news conference were Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito, former Councilman Bill Perkins, and Charles King, a candidate for state attorney general.

    Copyright 2006The New York Times Company

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    "Mr. Sharpton, who spoke at a news conference, said he was not using the words "hate crime" and similar terms because prosecutors themselves had declined to make that charge."

    LOL. He certainly had no problem going against prosecuters and authorities in the Tawana Brawley case:

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    I've been having computer/internet problems for the last two months and would only check in every once in a while due to the time constraints. Now things are back up and runing fine; I return to this site expecting to spend at least three hours catching up on the nearly two weeks of news I've missed out on. But instead I've spent that time reading about JB.

    I feel that, in this time, I've gone through a seriously condensed form of grieving, as I've learned of whatever developments came up as they've been posted on the 14 pages of this thread. Just about everything has been said by now, so I will keep my words short. But man.....I feel I need to say something.

    Right now I see a silver lining, and it's right outside my window. Today is Patriot's Day, the day of the Boston Marathon, and a Red Sox game just got out. From my room, I see people EVERYWHERE. The game just got out so fans have swamped my street (we won, the fans are drunk and happy), and I can even see a glimpse of the runners on Commonwealth Ave, on the home stretch just a few blocks from the finish line. So now I will go out with friends and enjoy the vitality that has consumed my city for this day. I'm almost kinda happy I learned of this today.....

    RIP, JB.

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