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Thread: 309 Fifth Avenue - Hotel/Condo - by Ismael Levya

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    I generally have a very high tolerance for highrise aesthetics compared to the rest of the forum - I don't really mind many of the buildings that many other forumers here find ugly. However, that building on the left is easily one of my least favorite in the city. The dark grey-green facade on its own is nice enough, though generic and not memorable, but the white double-story rectangular grids are overpowering, disproportionate and do a disservice to representing the building's scale. The top is a complete afterthought, and the skyline-marring banner invisible to the potentially interested buyers below is not helping. Given its location, its mediocrity detracts from some of the most iconic Empire State Building views.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sfenn1117 View Post
    Finally we are able to see the renderings of this project.

 "New Condo Tower"
    It's quite bizarre when a POS design by Leyva turns out to be dramatically better than what's actually built. I hope that JDS' new tower isn't as Shi.tty as 309 5th.

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    regardless of the quality, or lack there of, this building is visually ill suited for the plot they are forcing it onto.
    It does anything but play nice with it's neighbors.

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    Default Yup.

    Completely out of context with the surrounding area.

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    Considering this area is now home to a half dozen or more crappy modern apartment buildings, when does that stop being out of context and start being the context of an area?

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