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Thread: Chinese traditional architecture----Anthony-Xiong

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    Default Chinese traditional architecture----Anthony-Xiong

    Hey,you guys.I'm Anthony.Xiong is my family name.I'm Chinese,living in Beijing.Glad to take part in Wired New York forum.And,I'll show you my private photographys in China.Hope you will like them.

    Your reply will be welcomed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by anthony-xiong
    Your reply will be welcomed.
    Chinese traditional architecture is absolutely gorgeous. How did so much of it survive the Cultural Revolution?

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    Default Religion is not involve in the Culture revolution

    The place is Zhoushan archipelago of Zhejiang provnce,near to Shanghai.One of the most important Buddhism halidom & shrine of China.Religion is not involve in the Culture revolution.So,they survived.It's the felicity of the world.

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    Hello Anthony. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. They are very beautiful. I hope to visit your amazing country.

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    Anthony, those pictures are awesome. My parents lived in Shanghai and Beijing, and I spent my young years in Taiwan, so I love Chinese architecture. Your photos really took me back to my childhood! Thanks for showing them.

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