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Thread: moving for possible appointment to FDNY

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    Default moving for possible appointment to FDNY

    It is possible my list number on the eligibility list for the New York City Fire Department could be called for appointment in June. If given this opportunity, I will be moving from out of state to begin my training. I have read through, and followed alot of the recomendations given on this site for moving to NYC. While in training, learning to become a probationary firefighter my salary will be $25,000 dollars a year, I figure I can afford at the max $1000 a month for rent. After researching alot of the neighborhoods, Woodlawn, Bronx seems to be a good fit. I am looking into sublets and apartments in this area. I am also taking into consideration the commute to Randall's Island. I would like to know this forums thoughts on Woodlawn? if you have any recomondations on apartments in Woodlawn, or just any advice in general, Thanks. great website

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    Default Woodlawn, Bronx broker

    any one have any recomendations on a broker in the Woodlawn, Bronx area?

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    $1,000 is far more than you're going to be able to afford at first. I'd strongly suggest finding a roommate situation.

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    PM me, Elvis.

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