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Thread: Manchester's 171m Beetham tops out (tallest residential in EU)

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    Brighton's one of those places that shouldn't have high-rises. Ruins the atmosphere. Your aerial makes my point, nick.

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    Brighton already has highrises though. Sussex Heights at 102m was until the Manchester Beetham topped out this year, the tallest residential tower outside of London!

    102m - Sussex Heights

    I think any urban environment other than trully historic cores like Bath, York, Durham, etc... can have highrises, they just need to be located carefully. The annoying thing with Sussex Heights is that its right in the core, practically a stones throw from the historic core. Infact the older highrises are closer to the core than the new towers which are further from the core as my following map illustrates. Essentially the two tallest towers will roughly act as markers for the ends of Brighton on the sea front - about 5miles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nick-taylor
    Brighton already has highrises though.
    Atmosphere already ruined.

    Maine-Montparnasse Tower does that to Paris. Fortunately, a horrified Paris said, "No more! The others will be in the outskirts." So, though the damage was not undone, it's also not aggravated.

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    Although the towers are tall and noticable, you wouldn't know about them unless you walk along the streets surrounding them. Its not like NYC, where some blocks blot out everything around. These new towers themselves are away from the city centre for the simple reason that they would never see the light of day.

    I personally can't wait until the Brighton Marina Tower goes up - thats going to be quite good as it rises from what is currently just a sea wall protecting the marina from the English Channel - a sort of lighthouse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noone
    Oh no,it isn't.Turning Torso in Malmo, Sweden for example is 190 m and what's that thing on the roof ? Don't you think that's cheating?
    TT is mixed use tho.../the lowest cubes are offices.

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