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Thread: 175 Greenwich Street - WTC Tower # 3 - by Richard Rogers

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    What are they doing about the bare structure adjacent to Church street? Are they putting up another tower crane on that side?

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    June 5, 2015

    Amid the WTC Site, 3 World Trade Center Rises To New Heights

    By Bobby Cuza


    While the opening of One World Observatory and a planned move by 21st Century Fox and News Corp. to the World Trade Center have grabbed headlines recently, another tower has been quietly rising on the site – a construction project that builders say is currently the city’s biggest. Our Bobby Cuza got a close-up look.

    It has been perhaps overshadowed at the World Trade Center site, but quietly the building known as 3 World Trade Center is climbing the skyline. It's a project that currently employs more than 600 construction workers and rivals any other currently underway in the city, according to officials at Tishman Construction, an AECOM Company.

    "Right now, this is the biggest construction project in New York City – the most workers, the size of the building,” says Tishman Construction Project Executive Thomas Leo.

    When it’s complete, 3 World Trade will stand 84 stories and nearly 1,100 feet tall, which would currently make it the city's fifth-tallest building. At one time, construction had stalled here, but after GroupM signed on as anchor tenant and developer Larry Silverstein secured financing, construction kicked into gear, with the building now adding about one story per week, quickly gaining ground on its neighbor to the south, 4 World Trade Center.

    "The nature of the job, the way it’s been planned out, it’s going to fly up now that we’re starting to get more into a rhythm and more into a production phase of the job," says Tishman Construction Project Director Ted Carpinelli.

    Aiding in construction is 3D imaging software that allows managers to see how plumbing, electrical and other systems fit together. It's a virtual rendering that mirrors the construction space.

    "What these guys are doing is they’re putting so much detail into these models, to the point where they’re showing the valves, they’re showing the correct sizes and the duct work with the flanges,” explains Tishman Construction Coordination Manager Michael Lorenzo.

    The concrete core of the building is going up first – right now, it’s already up to about 34 stories. The 17th floor will include a terrace for tenants of the building, with spectacular views of the Hudson River and the 9/11 Memorial to the west, One World Trade Center to the northwest, and the World Trade Center transit hub immediately to the north.

    The building will also feature five floors of retail space, and a triple-height lobby once work is complete in early 2018.

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    Quick question. Did they clip the spires off of 3WTC? In all of the latest site renderings, the columns stop at the top of the parapet.

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    The Real Deal
    June 23, 2015

    3 WTC undergoes rooftop design changes

    Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners scrapped the masts planned for top of 80-story tower

    By Claire Moses

    Rendering of the full World Trade Center complex (Credit: Silverstein Properties) - See more at:

    Silverstein Properties’ 3 World Trade Center will look a bit different than initially planned.

    The building — which has an alternate address of 175 Greenwich Street and is currently under construction — will feature a streamlined roof, rather than spires, New York YIMBY reported, to fit better with the newly revealed Bjarke Ingels-designed 2 World Trade Center that is slated to rise next door.

    Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners is the architect of record for the third-tallest building in the World Trade Center complex.

    A rendering of the street-level retail for 4 World Trade Center, left, and 3 World Trade Center (Credit: Silverstein Properties)

    “The original intention of the masts on 3 WTC was that they would express the structure of the building as it stretched towards the sky. But as the design developed, it became clear that they did not achieve this objective, and did not contribute to the aesthetic impact or functioning of the building,” the architects said in a statement cited by YIMBY. “When we reviewed 3 WTC in relation to the new design of 2 WTC, we realized the two buildings complemented each other and the Libeskind Master Plan best without the masts. Therefore, they are not included in the final design.”

    The 80-story tower is supposed to be 1,170 feet tall and include 2.5 million square feet of office space as well as 300,000 square feet of retail.

    All rights reserved © 2015

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    Is that a landscaped terrace (podium) I see at 3WTC; was it ever depicted that way in the past?

    I wonder if Maki will be forced to get with the program and add shrubbery.

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    The towers became more alike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tectonic View Post
    The towers became more alike.
    Yes, and for the worse. Moving toward the lowest common denominator of rectangles and right angles (and, yes, those words are redundant).

    See how non-rectilinear design is nicer than purely, dully rectilinear design? That's the whole story of Modernism: it sucks.

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    Thumbs down

    I see that Ingel's insipid design dragged down the little bit left on this towers design too... What a depressing turn of events at this supposed important site. Low-end-Larry sure doesnt mind taking in profits as a soon-to-be corpse; this is what he leaves us with.... Low-end-prosaic architecture.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stroika View Post

    See how non-rectilinear design is nicer than purely, dully rectilinear design? That's the whole story of Modernism: it sucks.
    To the contemporary developer modernism begins and starts with economics; easy to conjure up and cheap to construct.

    Skyscraper development in NYC has degenerated into an accountants game rather than an architects profession. Sad.
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    That core is massive. Barely any space left for offices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed007Toronto View Post
    That core is massive. Barely any space left for offices.
    I wonder why : loosing all that usable ( revenue generating ) space? Is this so it can take a hit from an airplane or bomb, and not go down like the Twin Towers did - otherwise that massive core is a colossal wast of space.

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    I have found the core of a building to always be massive, to house the numerous elevator wells and staircases, as well as any freight elevators and utilities, such as restrooms. The floor space for this building is equally as massive, however, and it breaks up into three tiers as the building progresses.

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    This tower is ok. The shape Was never special, but the brAcing dressed it up. Now it's kind of lame, like 4 WTC.

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