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Thread: 150 Greenwich Street - WTC Tower #4 - by Fumihiko Maki

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    Every time I see new pictures of 150 Greenwich, it reminds me more and more of the John Hancock building in Boston. Hope the glass turns out to be as iconic as that of Hancock. They even share similar notches but the Maki building has almost 200 feet on Hancock. Anyone else see the resemblance? Can't wait to see this bad boy and WTC 1 next time I am in the city!

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    when I lived in Boston I could walk to the Hancock building in less than 5 minutes, so I saw it up close every day...
    Tower 4 looks NOTHING like it (at least imho)...maybe it's just me but I just don't see any resemblance at all

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    My world trade center 4 pictures from Saturday...

    DSCN5291 by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr

    DSCN5289 by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr

    DSCN5277 by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr

    DSCN3408 by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr

    DSCN5269 by Nexis4Jersey09, on Flickr

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    Interesting that where one person sees one thing, another doesn't see it at all, but guess that's what keeps things interesting. So, I see a resemblance in the highly reflective glass and the west facing surface before the cut at the top. Maybe the mullions (or whatever the technical name is) are more pronounced in Hanckock, but even those seem to be similarly spaced.

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    As I said, the one in Boston... Since you bring up Hancock in Chicago though, the bracing there always reminded me of the bracing in Tower 3, that is before the redesign which eliminated it in the center vertical section of the building, leaving only the bracing on the sides.

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    THe ghost of John Hancock pervades this site!

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    I know! There's signatures everywhere.

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    You guys are nuts.

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    Clear glass going up on the southwest corner facing Greenwich St., first floor.

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    What's the current approximate height? (Pardon the question. I looked back a few pages, but I could not find it.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYatKNIGHT View Post
    Clear glass going up on the southwest corner facing Greenwich St., first floor.
    Being that it will contain 'governmental' offices, why doesn't this building need a 'bunker base' as well? On the Church Street side at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    Do the darker strips on the green roof the the WFC building represent repairs made to 9/11 related damage?

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