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Thread: Columbus Square - 808 Columbus Avenue between West 97th & 100th - by Costas Kondylis

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    \I thought the same thing... Viale Europa outside of Florence. It's not such a bad thing at all, but it sure doesn't look like NYC. The UWS has such a fantastic historical model to draw from. In Europe, this kind of superblock would have an incredible variety of neighborhood retail (still).... let's hope the same for this one.

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    Default new housing marketplace signs - what do they mean?

    I had assumed that "new housing marketplace" signs around development was a euphimism for "new government housing project", but I noticed the Avalon Morningside Heights development has one of those signs on it.

    What do they mean - what qualifies as part of the "new housing marketplace." It's such an Orwellian, menacing sounding slogan to me - but maybe I'm just paranoid.

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    Default 808 columbus - no permit yet

    I don't see an approved new building permit for 808 Columbus Avenue. Foundation work looks approved, and some plumbing, but the actual building doesn't look like it has a permit. Do you need an approved building permit prior to rezoning, or just foundation permits? I'm afraid if you need building permits, we may end up with the mother of all mosquito breeding habitats up there after the rezoning goes through.

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    New renderings at

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    holy golf balls!

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    Haven't been around in a while, but this building seems, meh. I didn't know they would be building more apartments across the street too (now I know why they closed the tennis courts). They might be doing the same thing on 100th and Amsterdam.

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    Default rezoning goes forward, hope they get building permit soon

    Stringer passed his opportunity to review, so I think this is close to passing the city council. Given that is the case, my hope is 808 gets a building permit.

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    Upper West Side Downzone Update: Hong Kong Cometh

    With an update today of the ineffectual-sounding downzone proposal for the far Upper West Side (new developments on Broadway would be capped at 14 stories, side streets at some lesser height) comes a missive to the Curbed inbox with fresh news on development in the micronabe: "Nothing has been posted from the Park West Village/808 Columbus projects for a long time. Lots of activities. On the west side of the block that runs from 97th to 100th St, Whole Foods has signed a contract for 57,000 feet of space. Its panache as a drive to attract more retail is striking. Plans have also been announced for the same three blocks on the east side, where a tennis court once stood. Soon, we'll see three new buildings: two 12 stories, one 15 stories. Foundation work to start this summer."

    That rendering, at top, shows the 808 Columbus area in all its future glory—808 at left, and the three newbies across Columbus to the east. Concludes our tipster, "Lovely architecture, no? Someone called it Dallas, with a touch of Hong Kong."


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    It's funny that at BatterParkCity they've done a nice job of re-creating the UpperWestSide but at the actual UWS they can't seem to do it:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fabrizio View Post
    It's funny that at BatterParkCity they've done a nice job of re-creating the UpperWestSide but at the actual UWS they can't seem to do it:
    LOL, true.

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    Pic from what'll be 801 Amsterdam Ave. I don't know if it's part of the project, but since it's so close it might be. It burst with activity today after a while of nothing happeneing. Sometimes there were about 6-7 trucks on the site. (Pardon the quality)

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    Columbus Village will have 710 units in five buildings


    PWV Acquisitions, of which Joseph Chetrit of the Chetrit Group and Laurence Gluck of Stellar Management, are principals, has decided to name its redevelopment of some properties at Park West Village on the Upper West Side Columbus Village.

    They bought the complex between 97th and 100th Streets west of Central Park West in 2000 for about $122 million from Helmsley-Spear Inc. The complex was erected in 1961 and was designed by S.J. Kessler & Sons and consists of seven red-brick slab towers of which four are condominiums and three are rentals.

    The developers are planning to add five new residential buildings with a total of about 710 apartments, all set back on two-story bases, to the complex. Four of the new buildings will be on Columbus Avenue and one on Amsterdam Avenue.

    Marketing of the retail space in the first new building planned for the site at 808 Columbus Avenue has recently begun and Whole Foods will be a major retail tenant. That building will be 30 stories high, a dozen or so stories taller than the existing residential buildings in the complex and it will have a garage.

    According to the Department of Buildings, Costas Kondylis & Partners is the architect for 808 Columbus Avenue, a 30-story building with 359 apartments, and for three other new buildings across the avenue, a 12-story building with 56 apartments at 775 Columbus Avenue on the northeast corner at 97th Street, a 15-story building with 132 apartments at 795 Columbus Avenue between 98th and 99th Streets, and a 14-story building with 63 apartments at 805 Columbus Avenue on the southeast corner at 100th Street.

    The fifth new building is a 15-story building with 100 apartments at 801 Amsterdam Avenue at 100th Street. It is being designed by SCLE.
    The buildings are planned for completion late next year.

    Whereas the balconied buildings of the original complex were typical "towers-in-a-park" structures of similar size and shape, the new buildings differ in height, facade treatment and color and they have setbacks and corner windows.

    The new buildings will have a unified architecture style on Columbus Avenue and represent another substantial transformation of that area, which is not far from two taller residential towers nearing completion by Extell Development on Broadway between 99th and 100th Streets.

    The new buildings on the east side of Columbus Avenue will have covered walkways between them to provide easy access to the avenue from the rest of the complex to the east.

    The covered walkways will also serve to create a continuous two-story high building wall between 97th and 100th Streets on that side of the avenue.

    There are subway stations nearby on 96th Street and Central Park West and Broadway and there is good cross-town bus service on 96th Street.

    Martin J. McLaughlin, a spokesman for The Chetrit Group, told CityRealty.Com today he did not know how many of the new units might be condominiums and how many might be rentals, but said he would try to find out.

    Copyright 1994-2007 CITY REALTY.COM INC

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    A closer look at the each of the five buildings (the first four by Kondylis and the last one by SLCE) at the new Columbus Village.

    First up..., across the street...

    ...and in the middle of this trio is... is...

    ...and finally, this SLCE design, one block to the west on Amsterdam:

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    All built out realities of the zoning envelope. I wonder if we didnt have these rules, would we get better buildings? I'd say yes. No other 1st class city builds such banal buildings in their prime areas. There must be something wrong with the rules. Our developers and architects aren't inherently evil.

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