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    Although I've lived right across the Hudson River all my life, my fascination with photographing New York only started after 9-11. A classic example of taking for granted what I thought would always be there. Since then however, I take as many opportunities as are presented to me to roam the streets, be it on foot or bicycle, with a camera strapped to my back, looking for New York. Many of these shots were taken with a simple point & shoot camera, while many others were taken with a pretty decent SLR. Some were even shot from my phone. I hope I've done this great city some justice, & I hope you enjoy my posts. Feedback is certainly appreciated. To be continued...
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    A couple night shots.

    Prometheus @ Rockefeller Center

    From Long Island City ~ Towers of Light 2006

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    Meatpacking District

    Chelsea Piers ~ 2006

    Scraping the Sky ~ 2006

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    Just wondering... when I return to this page, it seems like there are multiple photo links not working. 11 out of 16 images aren't showing up for me. Is that how this thread appears to anyone else?

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    Yes it does that indiscriminately. Even articles I post, some pics within will show up & some are blanked out. No idea what the pattern is.

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    Huuum. It seems to correct itself, at least on my end, when I edit the post & simply save it again. But then by my next log in it's off again. Weird. Thanks for the feedback Mariab.

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    Some shots from Downtown on January 25th 2012

    8 Spruce St. ~ 2012

    One World Trade Center

    American Surity Building (100 Broadway) from Trinity Churchyard

    Trinity Church & The American Surity Building

    Trinity Church & The Irving Trust Building
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    A couple new images from this afternoon.

    The Flatiron Building ~ 2012

    Grand Central ~ 2012

    Chrysler Building ~ 2012
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    nice angle on the cb.

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    Thank you.

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    Getting ready for Cyclone weather.

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    American Surety look even more gorgeous framed by Trinity Church . Excellent composition.

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    Thanks a bunch. I really like this one too.


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