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Thread: 785 Eighth Avenue - 40-story Condo - Theater District - by Ismael Leyva Architects

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    I honestly can't quite remember where I stayed. I remember the place (kinda), but not the name.

    It was an unforgettable experience.....went down to the Village to hear the great jazz pianist McCoy Tyner at the club Sweet Basil (R.I.P).

    I remember my parents were horrified that I went with a couple other friends (all about the same age) to NYC. LOL.....

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    guys what was W 48th street between 8th and 9th like back in those days? the old Hit Factory recording studio used to be there. it always struck me as a nice quiet block but i wonder how it was after the shows let out for those who lived there in the days before Worldwide plaza

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    i'll tell you why i ask these things. i read that in the summer of 1988 the corner of W 46th street and 8th Ave was out of control with prostitution and drug dealing, and the Guardian Angels were involved in ridding the block of all this activity(lots of clashes with the police and controversy in the news). so i wonder if all this activity and drama found their way up to 785, just one and a half blocks away. from what i read, 8th and 46th was a dangerous place, with addicts and dealers sitting on the steps of people's brownstones, derelicts coming into the trendy restaurants asking for change, etc

    second, 8th Avenue from the Port Authority to the old parking lot of the former MSG (currently Worldwide Plaza) was nicknamed the "Minnesota Strip" in the mid 70's because prostitution became a crime in Minnesota so the girls from Minnesota started to come to NY and ply their trades along 8th Avenue

    since 785 was technically the northern end of the Minnesota Strip, I wondered if the atmosphere was any less, more or as dangerous than it was say at 42nd street

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    According to the Real Deal, this will be rentals.

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    Is this tall and skinny midtown skyscraper New York’s most fashionable rental?

    Read more:

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    Timely post: Just an hour ago I was standing at the base of this building and gazing up at the Architectural magnificence: in the flesh. I looks still empty to me, even maybe UN-finished. So with the posting of the link we can presume something is 'finally' moving with this new building.

    Good news!

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    gazing up at the Architectural magnificence:
    you must have been looking at a different building

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    People are moving in. Front desk is staffed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reyes7 View Post
    People are moving in. Front desk is staffed.
    Thanks for the news: I walk by there often, and at times, wonder 'what up with that'. HeeHee

    Now I know!!

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    Is it wrong that I hate this building and sort of love it?

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    It's surrounded on both sides by filthy, dilapidated tenements.

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    It remains unique. I'll give it that. Is it still empty? It was empty for a long time.

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