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Thread: WTC (Original) 3D Model

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    where did you get the images of the wtc 7 lobby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshj928 View Post
    where did you get the images of the wtc 7 lobby?
    Go back a few pages, I went over it already.

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    Thumbs up Awesome...

    Truly amazing job, STR...I can't wait to see your final version. Until then, can we download the current work-in-progress?

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    Hi i'm new to this forum and all buildings i have seen since now are great!

    I have a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig project too!
    A COMPLETE !! recreation of the wtc.
    Ok nothing special and only with sketch up but...
    I want to create all 110 floors as they were!
    desks, people and computers all included.
    I will attach some screenshots too.
    Only to inform you I'm from Germany and I never had the chance to visit the wtc
    Things I'dont now how to build:
    Path Station
    Concourse Level
    A few floors...
    Lobbies of wtc 3456
    Its abit too much i don't now but it's ok
    The towers have reached their actual height with the frames.

    Hope you reply

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    Have you gone through this thread?

    Bits and pieces of what you're looking for might already be sitting around here somewhere.

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    sorry but I don't have any Idea where to start!!!
    The Entrance of the Path station is not that hard to build, but all these lower floors that were destroyed on 9/11 are to complex to create an Idea about how this all looked only from a few photos! But ok I'am following this forum since a while and I have to say that everyone is building awesome models like STR unbelievable!!!

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    STR posted this back at the very start. It's a complete floor plan of the entire underground concourse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojan View Post
    Things I'dont now how to build:
    Path Station
    Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I have a few blueprints of PATH Station, and a couple of large photos taken during construction (of the original PATH station) which could help you a lot. Can't remember where I got them, so can't give direct links.

    I can upload and send them to you if you wish. But for all I know you might not check this thread ever again, so I'll only go to the bother of uploading if I know you want them.

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    dear STR!im a very big new york and WTC fan, and im still wondering on your work!i havent seen a so nice model before, like yours!very very good.i want a model like this. i want to download one, but i couldnt find any normal question is(may be a stupid question)that how did U make this?by which program?(i think that u've done this very cool thing:P)and if u can, than please take this model on to the internet somehow!!! thx

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    Post Twin Towers Model Forthcoming

    Hello all. We've enjoyed reading this thread (at least much of it, anyway, since by this time there are a LOT of replies to wade through). Lots of good information from people who share our respect for the original center.

    We're launching our own global project called the 911 Towers Memorial. It will be a professional minifig-scale LEGO© brick model of the two towers for the upcoming 10th anniversary of the attacks. At a 1:65 scale, the towers will be 21 feet tall (27 feet for WTC1 with the antenna array) and over three feet wide per side. We've already begun, and will conduct the public launch before August 1, 2009. We encourage the enthusiasts here to follow our progress!

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    Default new wtc 3d model blog

    wel if its the end here than lets start on my model ive started a great one very realistic complete with lobby intirior and plaza sculptures i have it all origenal 3d world trade center model

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    twintowersnew: Please post a link to your model.

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    Hey guys. I'm doing this in 3D in the Source engine for the game 'Left 4 Dead'.

    I've had a chance to speak with STR in the past, but it looks like he's long gone from here unfortunately.

    For those of you who want to see a detailed adaption of a good majority of the complex in a video game, I could use some advice here.

    STR told me awhile back when I asked about the scale of the floorplan file "".. he said
    I can tell you the plan should come out to about 1,230ft by 1,070ft.
    Well, I'm still fiddling with it. I had adjusted mine to 1,238 feet instead of 1,230 when going by the 'middle point' of the exterior columns which the North Tower blueprints said was supposed to be 207'8".. but this however makes the exterior 209'x209' or maybe slightly more. Being the resolution isn't that great and there's a lot of BOLD lines.. really is hard to get it precise. I've been building though anyway on 1,238 feet cause its barely a difference at all..

    Anyway I'm curious to know what scale you guys got from messing with it. What your opinions are on that.

    Moving on..

    There is a lot of information he knew from various documents that I probably only have half of, that told him things the blueprints/floorplans do not.

    One thing I'm confused about is the thickness of the columns/supports in the concourse mall. The column thickness looks thin in STR's renders. Like 1' 6" or 2' at the most.

    And how did he get height data and floor thickness? Guessing, or from some information source? Right now my concourse mall is 12 feet high and floor thickness between that and plaza level is 5 feet. I just did that by guess so IDK how accurate that is.

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    Default Virtual WTC Model - CS_NorthTower

    ooops, I meant to put this on the next page, hehehe.
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