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Thread: 47 East 34th Street - by H. Thomas O'Hara

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    That's a mystery ^^^

    Try the link to antinimby's post ...

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    Trust me londonlawyer, you're better off not seeing what this thing will look like.

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    bleh...I can't imagine this thing rising in another city.
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    First, I'd like to kick that architect. Then, I'd like to throw him to the ground and kick him some more. Then, I'll stand him up and bitch slap him. Then, I'll take him by the collar and run him headlong into a wall. Then, I'll bunch up that rendering, throw it in his face, and bid him a "good afternoon."

    No, seriously.

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    Default The Ugly 34th St. Sliver

    AND . . . I now have to look at that crap from my living room. It will destroy the open city view that I have enjoyed for many years!

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    Oh My Gawd! Are we sure Gene Kaufman didn't have a hand in this?

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    This one's by H. Thomas O'Hara.

    However, just know that buildings by the terrible trio of Kaufman, O'Hara and Poon all share several common characteristics:

    1) brick boxes with exposed floor plates
    2) blank walls on at least two sides (sometimes the back wall, too)
    3) usually set back from the streetwall exposing the adjacent building's blank walls as well and creating a "missing tooth" look to the entire block.
    4) the cheapest-ass windows with AC vents below them.

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    Post Women Seeking SEXO near You CITY

    <deleted post>
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    Default It's Going Up Fast

    Has anyone seen any pix for the "newer" version of T. O'Hara's 47 E. 34th St. They are added 5+ floors per week!

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    Picture update? Are there bricks and windows yet?

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    Default 47 E. 34th St.

    No bricks yet. They took over an entire traffic lane of E. 34th St., until someone blew the whistle! They are working at lightning pace. I'd love to see a photo of the building. Surprised that they are not selling any apartments yet, but one rumor has it that ALL 35 FLOORS (on 50' frontage) are sold out! Impossible!

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    The day O'Hara was allowed to transfer his drawings into reality is the day the licensing agency of this state failed us.

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    That design is criminal.

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    A disaster!

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