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Thread: Battery Park

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    Calling Sandy ... Send your sister to take care of this, please.

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    So Awesome...even more so if it were not for that tent.

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    Light-speed for a parks project. They've even begun the perimeter bikeway.

    However, there's always something to hold things back. The Pier A plaza project has ground to a halt since the end of August. It's not so much the $5 million, but where it's coming from - an issue complicated by the law requiring BPCA to turn over excess ground rents for affordable housing; and that when it comes to releasing its money, the EDC is as tight as a frog's ass. Ultimately, the delay could cost mo9re than the $5 million.

    Story here:

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    Park entrance. Bikeway splits around trees. Same brown brick herringbone pattern as Minuit Plaza.

    Five finalists chosen for Battery Green chair design competition. Winner will be announced in June.

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    Anyone seen Zelda?

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    Recently, but it was before Thanksgiving.

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    Saw her in the parking lot out front of the coast guard station...she's looking a little long in the tooth

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    Poor thing has had a long life, in bird years -

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    Pier A plaza chugging along.

    Real path to the Korean War memorial.

    This section of the sidewalk is complete, except for trees (and benches?). Further up, one of the monuments - Salvation Army - has been moved to the perimeter. I never knew it was in the park. Yep, there it was.

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    Very nice pictorial update (I only get to see it in the dark)!

    I thought it had been discussed somewhere (maybe here) that Pair A might play host to a party boat,
    or some such that had people living in the area up in arms over what could prove to be quite noisy...
    So how must they feel about this:

    Pier A Harbor House, 22 Battery Place

    Pier A Harbor House at Battery Place is the city’s last surviving historic pier, which is currently finishing up a $50 million renovation.
    The city footed $30 million of that tab.

    Developers at The Dermot Company have been working with the masterminds behind the bars and restaurants of neighboring
    Stone Street—Peter Poulakakos, Michael Jewell and designer Danny McDonald—to revamp the 35,000-square-foot pier that
    once welcomed arriving immigrants.

    The plan calls for a number of higher-end restaurants, an aperitif and champagne bar, a balcony perched over the water and
    a third-floor event space that has already begun taking reservations.

    “We’re absolutely behind as a city in terms of our waterfront. In other cities, they’re the first places to be restored and celebrated”,
    said designer Danny McDonald. “Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction. What better place to have a bit of fish than
    the mouth of the harbor itself?”

    The Long Hall, designed for communal eating, is furnished with reclaimed wood, nautical decor, handmade blue tile and
    lighting fixtures; it also boasts an oyster bar and floor-to-ceiling windows.

    Four fine-dining establishments will be nestled in rooms on the second floor and pay homage to specific people and landmarks.
    The Liberty Room, for example, will be outfitted with colonial furniture and Statue-themed knickknacks, while the Harrison Room,
    with its stained-glass windows and leather furniture, will be reminiscent of the Gilded Age.

    Rumor has it that Pier A will host one of the city’s largest nightclubs and feature a cabaret and live deejays.
    While it’s still a bit unclear, a representative for Dermot confirmed that the venue will be similar to the destinations on Stone Street, with
    live music and, most likely, a deejay on the first floor.

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    Park perimeter up to Greenwich St is complete. Comfort station rebuild looks complete. Except for some paving and benches, all that's left with this phase is landscaping.

    Now direct path to Korean War memorial and down to pier A.

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