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Thread: 56 Leonard Street - 57-story tower - by Herzog & de Meuron

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrishInNYC View Post
    Floors without glass means problems.
    Please explain; I would simply assume that they have not gotten up to those floors for installation of the glass. I believe you that floors without glass "means problems" but would like to know why.

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    It does seem a little odd to have skipped floors, but didn't think about it until Irish pointed out the ramifications. I guess Glass only goes in if major construction work is otherwise done?

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    The concrete work took so much longer than ever originally scheduled that I fail to see why they would skip 5 of the typical slab height floors and leave out glass: other than a production problem/mistake. (Or payment issues).

    I'm trying to recall if there are mechanical floors behind the glass they have installed out of sequence further up but that wouldn't really explain the jump. It's just strange.

    While most people will enjoy the finished product this one is dragging on like few others. It is 36 months since we poured the street level floor.

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    56 Leonard, 30th Floor at 7 AM this morning 2/5/2016:

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    Unfortunate event but LMAO at the commentary.

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    construction worker central casting (or goodfellas)

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    February 20th, 2016

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    Did someone hijack Sherpa's account?

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    No. So whats the reason for the slowdown with the glass on top here?

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    15 "Hi" posts seemed strange.

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    not to mention a bit annoying...

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    Wow....really like the way this building looks on the upper floors. This has been a long time in the making but this is looking like a very distinctive, perhaps iconic, building - finally. I now - after formerly trashing the design detail - even appreciate those concave curves on the exposed floor slabs. I now have nothing but praise this this project - my pervious criticisms were all for naught.....

    And yes, some of the posts on this tread are getting a bit wacky - but, whatever....

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