View Poll Results: Which is New York's Fourth Iconic Skyscraper?

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  • 40 Wall Street (Trump Building)

    4 5.00%
  • American International Building

    8 10.00%
  • Citicorp Center

    32 40.00%
  • Seagram Building

    2 2.50%
  • United Nations Building

    10 12.50%
  • Trump World Tower

    0 0%
  • Hearst Tower

    1 1.25%
  • Time-Warner Center

    4 5.00%
  • PanAm Building (MetLife)

    4 5.00%
  • RCA Building (GE)

    15 18.75%
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Thread: New York's Fourth Iconic Skyscraper

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    I just finished reading that post on skyscrapercity. True ablarc, and truly exceptional. By far the most informative and learned piece of writing assembled on that forum (that I've ever encountered, anyway).

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    ^^^Oh my! A "must read" and worth printing out.

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    ^ Thanks, guys. Thought about posting it here, but figured it wouldn't get much response.

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    ^ Nice work Ablarc. I love how you put in to perspective the classy and respectful work of early 19th century architecture in contrast to the doldrums of modernist architecture. Some of those pics really made me want to go and visit Paris. What beautiful & detailed architecture! One thing it definitely does is it emboldens me to appreciate old time architecture and abhor modernism even more at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TREPYE emboldens me to appreciate old time architecture and abhor modernism even more at the same time.
    The progressive-liberal-in-me's first impulse is to exclaim, "how can you blanket condemn a whole architectural movement"...but on reflection I realize how much harm Modernism has done to the city. Without it, we could still have the City Beautiful.

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    Default consider One Astor Plaza

    Quote Originally Posted by Scruffy88
    without a doubt citicorp-citigroup. This was the tower of the 70s and 80s and then in the past decade, everyone has forgotten about it. I grew up loving it, loving the slant. Every city i've ever drawn has a slanting tower in it. It doesn't feel right without it. Worldwide, you see the slanting white roof, you know its NYC. you can't say the same for anything else on that list except for the UN Building which makes a close 5

    Very recognizable to NYC. The first modern skyscraper to break the flat roof plane in NYC. Iconic it is. Not in the same category as ESB or Chrysler, but part of the skyline if you want to consider buildings that impact the skyline.

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    I can't remember where I heard it, but I'm guessing it was someone on this forum that called the above building "gronky," which I think fits it perfectly. Not bad, not great, it's just gronky, lol. The equivalent of Boston's Prudential Center in the Bladerunner era.

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    Default looks like a Richard Baehr rendering

    Quote Originally Posted by kznyc2k
    That's a gorgeous (and accurate) rendering of the Citicorp Center.

    And for the record, I'm kz1000ps. kz is my online handle of sorts, and nyc2k was tagged on for this forum to be "contextual to its surroundings."
    He's the master, old school, but tempera renderings are gorgeous. So much richer than anything from 3D studio.

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    I bet I know which building would win this poll if it were held today and if it were listed on the poll.

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    OMG, not the M word...I'm split between PanAm/Met Life and Citi.

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