Pier 32 – Hudson River Park

Cross Street: Watts Street

When park planning began, the Pier was initially separated from the bulkhead and left as an ecological pier, for native plantings and birds to make their home. But, due to deterioration, the structure eventually became a safety hazard and the decking has since been removed.

In the future, Pier 32 will be an ecological pier detached from the bulkhead. There will be a get-down (a ramp down to a floating dock) at the bulkhead to bring people closer to the River.

Pictures of Pier 32

Pier 32
Battery Park North and the construction of 20 River Terrace on 14 September 2002, with Pier 32.

Pier 32
Pier 32 is a deteriorated pier, now severed from the shoreline. Birds and other wildlife are now claiming it as their own. January 2002.