Pier 84 – Hudson River Park

Pier 84 - Hudson River Park
Pier 84 with Pier 83 on the left and Intrepid on the right.

Opened in 2006, Pier 84 is currently the largest public pier in Hudson River Park. There’s something for everyone here, befitting its location near 42nd Street, the heart of Manhattan.

Casual family-oriented outdoor waterside café with spectacular views of the Hudson River.
PD O’Hurley’s
Hours of Operation
8am—midnight, every day.

The Pier 84 boathouse offers rowing and boatbuilding programs for people through Floating the Apple. The Pier 84 dock may also be used for launching small human-powered, hand-carried boats when the boathouse is open. floatingtheapple.org


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Pictures of Pier 84

Pier 84
Pier 84 under construction, with Circle Line boat. August 2005.

Pier 84
Pier 84 under construction and the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan. July 2005.

Pier 84
Pier 84 is currently under construction – in front of Intrepid. December 2004.

Pier 84
The cruise ship Nordic Empress is passing Intrepid and Pier 84 on the way to Bermuda. 27 July 2003.