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Thread: Street life in New York

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    Default Street life in New York

    It's fun to look around you and see what's going on in New York.

    Just another day at Fifth Avenue

    And thank you for the hotdog!

    Baseball in Central Park

    It's a dog's life....

    Everybody needs a break......

    If I was a bird I would also spend my time in New York.

    Every time when I’m in New York I go see the Sax Player in Central Park. This time in December he played Christmas songs. Although it was cold, we sit down and listen to his music. Many people walk by and ignore him, I just can’t. He has given our visit to the Park some extra charm. As a reward I gave him a few dollars. So the next time you’ll see him, take a minute to listen to his music. I think he will appreciate that.

    No matter from wich angle New York hits your eyes,
    they will ask for more.
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    Default ..

    wow, great photos..
    brings back a lot of memories=)))

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    Merci pour les photos. Il est toujours ŕ central parc, le joueur de saxo (au mois de mai dernier, je l'ais aussi pris en photo)

    Thank you for the photographs. It is always with exchange park, the player of sax (in last May, I it board so taken in photograph)

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