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    New York
    Manhattan: Serendipity 3 Is Closed


    Published: November 16, 2007

    Serendipity 3, a popular East Side restaurant, has been closed after failing its second health inspection in a month. Health department officials said that they closed the restaurant, known for its extravagant and expensive desserts, on Wednesday night. “Both inspections revealed rodent and fly infestation and conditions conducive to pest infestation, including stagnant water in the basement,” the department said in a statement. An inspector spotted a live mouse and mouse droppings, flies and more than 100 live cockroaches, the department said.

    The New York Times.

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    Opened in 1954, everything they did (food, decor, menu, graphics) was innovative for the time. Much copied, they set the trend for many locales in the 60's and 70's. The 60's rage for Tiffany lamps, Victoriana, can be traced to them.

    Warhol 1962:

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    Verrrry interesting, especially the menu/décor. They would appear uber-old hat nowdays but must’ve been very hip and cool in the late 50s, early 60s when everything was formica and jetsons look…

    I think it’s a get example of the adoption/transition hypothesis I wrote about in an old thread here

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    What a dish. Very sweet.

    "One Fine Day"
    20th. Century Fox.
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    Does it have to stay closed for a specific period or just until it passes inspection?

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    Serendipity hopes to recover from 'gross' shutdown

    Serendipity 3 at 225 East. 60th St. was closed Thursday 11/15/07. (Lauren Lancaster/Veras / November 15, 2007)

    By Kristen V. Brown; and Marlene Naanes, amNewYork Staff Writer and THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 2:15 PM EST, November 16, 2007

    Famed Manhattan sweet spot Serendipity 3 said Friday it hopes to reopen soon after the Health Department discovered flies, rodents and more than 100 live cockroaches and shut down the dessert mecca.

    Now the question is whether New Yorkers--and tourists in the know--will come flocking back, or give Serendipity the cold shoulder.

    "Certain conditions have been pointed out which require correcting and we are working quickly to be in 100 percent compliance with the Health Department's suggestions," said spokesman Joe Calderone.

    "We will reopen as soon as possible."

    The Health Department said an inspector had spotted a live mouse in the building, as well as mouse droppings, fruit flies, house flies and more than 100 live cockroaches.

    On Friday, not everyone had heard the news of the closing.

    "We're from Texas and it was really sad that it was closed because it was a tourist spot that we were coming to see," Ashley Winters said while attempting a return visit to the restaurant she'd previously enjoyed.

    Told about the Health Department inspection, she replied: "That really kind of makes me nauseous. It grosses me out to think I, like, ate there and that stuff was going on."

    So will she be back?

    "Probably," said Winters.

    Officials shuttered the restaurant Wednesday night after it failed its second inspection in a month for the stunning presence of creepy critters.

    "Both inspections revealed rodent and fly infestation and conditions conducive to pest infestation, including stagnant water in the basement," the department said.

    People routinely stand in line for hours outside the East 60th Street restaurant. But Thursday, customers who traveled from near and far to sip pricey chocolate concoctions were stunned to discover why they wouldn't be indulging their sweet tooth in what was one of Andy Warhol's favorite haunts.

    "Roaches mean having a problem for a long time that means that they knew they had a problem and they didn't take care of it right away," said Pallavi Sancy, 38, who was visiting from California. "I'm really glad I didn't eat here."

    Serendipity, a New York fixture for decades that is known for $1,000 sundaes and other sweet indulgences, recently made headlines for its Frrrozen Haute Chocolate, which for the amount of money many Americans put down on a house down payment would get you top-grade cocoa, edible gold and shavings of a luxury truffle.

    It was declared the most expensive dessert in the world by Guinness World Records.

    Nearby businesses showed solidarity with Serendipity, including one that tacked a sign on a lamppost that offered condolences for their "friends" at Serendipity. Restaurant officials were not immediately available for comment.

    Some folks were less concerned with the health violation and more upset they couldn't grab a tasty treat. Two friends from Dublin planned their last stop in the city at Serendipity before catching a plane back home.

    "Between Broadway being on strike and serendipity being closed I don't know why we came to New York," said Treasa Walsh, 30.

    The Associated Press contributed to this story.

    Lights, Camera, Serendipity!
    The posh dessert joint has made its way to the silver screen.

    One Fine Day (1996): Disgruntled divorces Melanie (Michelle Pfieffer) and Jack (George Clooney) meet one day when their children miss a school field trip -- only the beginning of this often comical romance.

    Serendipity (2001): When fate introduces Sara (Kate Beckinsale) to Jonathan (John Cusack) while shopping at Bloomingdales, the two decide to see if fate might bring them back together again.

    Trust the Man (2006): Two men (Billy Crudup and David Duchovny) fight to save their failing relationships.
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