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    Can anyone confirm if Druids Bar (10th Ave, near 50th Street) has closed?

    If true, I am hugely disappointed - I had hoped for another visit (sadly, geography, does not allow me to return too often), this was my favourite bar in NYC.

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    Wasn't it the home of the Westies, the Irish gang, back in the day? Been there a few times, never thought the guy behind the bar was too friendly.

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    Used to be the Sunbrite when the Westies hung out there. And yes, it's closed now.

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    That's a great shame - not the best location, but I loved that bar.

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    Has anything replaced Druids Bar?

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    A new bar called The Waylon . "Hells Kitchen's newest honky tonk country bar".

    I give it 18 months.

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    Thanks IrishInNYC. At least it's not standing empty... but... Good Grief...!!!


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