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    After coming to New York in March of this year, i was disappointed to find that the Plaza had closed for rennovations, for around 3/4 years. I really wanted to go inside the hotel as it is world famous, one of the many things i always wanted to see at New York. We still obviously had a fantastic time during our stay, but just wondered, you could go into the Plaza for champagne etc or a meal couldnt you? Would loved to have gone in to have a look around. Anyone been there or, stayed there?

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    I could never afford to stay there or even eat there but I was one of many people who went in on the final night to walk around the public areas. And I went there at Christmas time one year. So many people were coming to see the tree & decorations that the public was allowed in during certain hours. Both times I visited I thought it was beautiful.

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    I spent the night there once in 1996. The rooms were rather cramped, but quite charming. If the Royal Tenenbaums had been released at that point, I would have imagined that I was living that.

    My favorite restaurant in the Plaza was the Oak Room. It certainly wasn't the sort of place you frequent on a regular basis, but it was a nice stop after a particularly good (or bad) day. It had a dark, boys' clubish feel, and the clientele to match.

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    Id have loved to have gone there for a glass of champers or something, cheapest possible of course!

    Anyone know of exactly how many years its supposed to be shut?

    i was pleased to hear that they arent allowed to change the exterior of the building, just do repairs that are needed. Think it looks such a nice building.

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    The Plaza Hotel: Founded 1907

    Love love love this picture, staring at it dreaming of the day I can walk in & check in. Not have someone hand me her mink stole & tell me to "Please hang this up carefully, dear."

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    Damn. Had my eye on that one.

    Plaza Hotel Condo Sale Sets New York City Record at $48 Million

    March 24, 2011, 3:18 PM EDT
    By Oshrat Carmiel

    March 24 (Bloomberg) -- A condominium at Manhattan’s Plaza hotel sold this week for $48 million in a record real estate transaction.
    “This is the highest price for single condo ever sold in New York City,” said Howard Lorber, chairman of Prudential Douglas Elliman Real Estate, which represented the buyers and sellers. Prudential agent Lisa Simonsen brokered the sale, Lorber said. Simonsen didn’t immediately return a telephone message seeking comment.
    The deal for the 6,000-square-foot (560-square-meter) unit was completed on Monday, Lorber said. City property records don’t yet reflect the sale, which was reported earlier today by the New York Post.
    The buyers are Russian composer Igor Krutoy and his wife, Olga, according to a person with knowledge of the transaction.
    A century-old destination for socialites and plutocrats, the Plaza reopened in March 2008 after a two-year restoration that cost more than $400 million. The building, at 768 Fifth Ave., was designed with 282 hotel rooms and suites and 180 condominiums, according to the hotel website and, a property-listings website.
    Nineteen units in the Plaza are listed for resale, at prices ranging from $1.5 million for a studio to $22.5 million for a four-bedroom apartment, according to StreetEasy.
    Sales of Manhattan luxury apartments, defined as the top 10 percent by price, fell 6.9 percent to 230 units in the fourth quarter from a year earlier, according to New York appraiser Miller Samuel Inc. and Prudential Douglas Elliman. The median price of luxury units jumped 15 percent to $4.35 million.
    --Editors: Christine Maurus, Larry Edelman
    To contact the reporter on this story: Oshrat Carmiel in New York at
    To contact the editor responsible for this story: Kara Wetzel at

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    I went into the Plaza the other day, first time I'd gone inside since the renovation. They've totally killed the energy of the place. The Oak Room is closed, yet again. The Edwardian Room, on the corner overlooking 49th & Fifth and the Park, is now an empty space with wall to wall forest green carpeting and some red velvet ropes on stanchions to keep people away; I was told it's now used only for "events." Although it was just after lunch hour the Palm Court was only 1/4 full, with lots of folks looking like they were being very careful to behave properly.

    Boring and staunch. Not a grand NYC space in any way. Maybe that's what Russians like.

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    Thought it was now owned by a Dubai company. Why was the Oak Room closed? As far as events, what's wrong with the Terrace Room & the Banquet Room? No sense at all killing the Edwardian. I really hope this isn't the beginning of the end.

    Btw I sent an email to a general Plaza address looking for Terrace Room pics circa 1960. Have a feeling I'll get back a general form email in the negative.

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    According to someone I spoke with the Oak Room hasn't yet found a chef who can make it work.

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    Was at Oak Room a few times before it closed too, and it was rather underwhelming compared to what I expected. A few friends visiting stayed at the Plaza hotel, and apparently the accommodations left a lot to be desired compared to the name value / price too. I hate to be negative, but seems like this place is really living on it's past glory these days.

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    Dumb dumb dumb. Bunch of idiots running things over there.

    Iconic Oak Room to Close After Court Fight, Report Says Updated 3 hrs ago

    May 6, 2011 2:09pm

    The Oak Room is the target of a lawsuit claiming its parties have tarnished its reputation.

    Operators of the famous restaurant have been fighting with the Plaza for months, according to a report

    By Adam Nichols
    DNAinfo News Editor
    MANHATTAN — A rent fight between the Plaza Hotel and the operators of the Oak Room is forcing the iconic restaurant to close, the New York Times reported.
    Eli Gindi, who owns the Oak Room, which includes the famous turn-of-the-century Oak Bar, told the newspaper lease negotiations with the hotel broke down in March.
    He said the hotel was trying to double his $50,000-a-month rent.
    According to papers filed with the State Department of Labor and seen by the Times, the closing date is listed as July 31, the newspaper said.
    The Plaza's owners have also sued the Oak Room for $33.3 million, citing "numerous violations of the lease, unacceptable activities and significant financial arrears."
    Gindi told the Times the fight revolves around the Oak Room's "Day and Night" parties held on Saturday afternoons. They apparently upset the Plaza's residential tenants, he said.
    Gindi said the parties could bring in as much as $180,000 in a single afternoon.
    Legal papers claim the frequent parties, combined with poor health and safety records and $900,000 owed in back rent, had a "corrosive effect on the Plaza Hotel/Oak Room " brand, the Times reported.

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    Shameful. Go back and ruin things in your home country. Don't be trashing icons of NYC.

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    Plaza Hotel's Famed Oak Room Could Be Altered to Gain Toilets
    August 31, 2011 11:18am | By Jill Colvin, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

    The Oak Room's potential new owners want to slice through a wall to access new toilets. (Flickr/flickr4jazz)

    MIDTOWN — The potential new owners of the Plaza Hotel's iconic Oak Room bar are petitioning the city to let them alter the historic landmark — so patrons don’t have to walk as far to use the bathroom.
    Architect Glen Coben appeared before Community Board 5’s Landmarks Committee Tuesday night on behalf of Jacob Sebay and Associates, which owns a handful of eateries across Paris.
    Coben was trying to get the committee's backing for a plan to slice through a wall in the famous turn-of-the-century Oak Bar to create an entry to new basement bathrooms exclusively for use by patrons of the bar.
    “They would like to have a certain degree of independence when it comes to their patrons going to the restrooms,” explained Coben, who said that customers are currently forced to walk out of the eatery, into the hotel and then into the Plaza’s food hall if they need to use the bathroom.
    The new potential owners of the Oak Room want to add new bathrooms for the Oak Bar. (DNAinfo/Jill Colvin)

    The plaza’s interior was granted landmark protection in 2005.
    But Coben downplayed the impact of the proposed changes, noting the section of paneling where the the doorway is planned is not actually original wood.
    "We know that definitively. The grain does not line up, the stain does not match," he said.
    The owners would also protect the panel by using the same piece of wood they cut out to construct a new, hinge-less door, which would blend into the wall whenever closed.
    “The only visible sign that it’s a door would be a seam,” Coben said.
    Creating the door would give the potential new owners access to a small, hidden space about 4 feet wide that the team discovered while inspecting floor plans.
    “It’s this weird space. It could have been 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,' where you go into a parallel space,” Coben said, noting that it would take a lot of work to turn that space into a usable staircase.
    Coben also presented an alternative plan in which the area would be used for a service staircase or a dumbwaiter, to provide a backup option to the committee in case it rejected the bathroom plan, which his clients prefer.
    He made it clear that using the newfound space is crucial to the potential owners.
    “I don’t want to say it’s a deal-breaker, but it’s very important to my clients,” Coben said, adding, “if we can't get any of this, we don’t have to talk about the floor" or any of the other potential alterations the new owners may want to make in the future.
    Board member Joseph Hagelmann questioned the necessity of new restrooms.
    “Patrons walked through this beautiful, landmarked hotel for years… I don’t understand,” he said, showing support for protecting the existing condition.
    But Hagelmann and other committee members eventually voted unanimously in favor of the plan, stressing the fact that the panels that will be altered are not original and that no section would actually be removed.
    “It seems appropriate,” said board member David Golab, adding that hidden doorways are used at historic sites all the time. “I don’t see a problem with it,” he said.
    The Oak Room and Oak Bar are currently closed, after the Plaza slapped their former operator with a a $33 million lawsuit claiming the famous bar's recent foray into burlesque dancing and other bad behavior had tarnished its storied reputation.
    The Landmarks Preservation Commission is set to vote on Coben's proposal at its next public hearing on Tues., Sept. 6, at 9:30 a.m.

    Read more:

    I don't understand why the Oak Room has to be owned separately, & I don't understand how there are no born & raised NYC hoteliers out there who'd want to buy the hotel & run it like the timeless icon it is. Not part of some international conglomerate. Fairmont my a**.

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    Schmuck. Beautiful pic, though.

    Jul 23, 2014 10:58AM ET / Business

    Indian Billionaire Might Sell the Plaza Hotel To Pay His Bail

    Polly Mosendz via Plaza Hotel.

    Very, very wealthy businessman Subrata Roy Sahara has been sitting in the infamous Tihar Jail in Delhi since March. Sahara leads the Sahara Group, and is involved in media, real estate, hospitality and financial services businesses.

    He landed in prison after refusing to attend a number of court hearings in regards to a battle with SEBI, which is India's market regulator. Sahara was implicated in a plan that had small investors put their life savings into his "chit funds," which were later outlawed by the SEBI. Missing so many hearings on this important matter landed him in prison with a whooping $1.66 billion bail.

    India's Supreme Court has allowed him to sell some of his many assets to post his massive bail, so he will sell three of his luxury hotels. Sahara owns New York's Plaza Hotel, Dream Downtown Hotel, and London's Grosvenor House. The court has allowed him to negotiate through video chat for six hours, in the event he receives "concrete proposals."

    These hotels are Sahara's best "get out of jail (not so) free" card, as the court has already rejected his attempts to pay the bail in installments or move him to house arrest. In 2012, Sahara paid $575 million for the controlling share of the Plaza, and $726 million for this share of the Grosvenor House in 2010. He purchased the Dream Downtown Hotel for $220 million.

    Forbes reported the Grosvenor House alone could bring as much as $1 billion, so perhaps Sahara won't have to let go of all his hotels after all. Considering how lavish his life has been thus far, complete with his own cricket team and Formula One team, he must be very disappointed to see these luxury buildings go.

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