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The sculpture "Group of Four Trees" by Jean Dubuffet

The sculpture “Group of Four Trees” by Jean Dubuffet on One Chase Manhattan Plaza.

Louis Bourgeois Spiders in front of the GE Building
Louis Bourgeois Spiders in front of the GE Building in July of 2001.

Joan Miro Moonbird

Joan Miro’s “Moonbird” sculpture (1966) on 58th Street plaza of the Solow building.

Barbara Kruger on Hilton Times Square Hotel

It’s a small world but not if you have to clean it, 1990, by Barbara Kruger. 115 x 50 ft mesh banner on the 8th Avenue side of the Hilton Times Square Hotel.

Roy Lichtenstein:  Mural with Blue Brushstroke

The lobby of the AXA Equitable Center has a mural by Roy Lichtenstein.

Mural with Blue Brushstroke, 1986.

Magna on canvas. 68 feet 3/4 inches x 32 feet 5 1/4 inches.

Turbo and Ferryman by Tony Cragg

Turbo and Ferryman, two works by internationally acclaimed British artist Tony Cragg in July of 2001. These recent works highlight Cragg’s continued focus on organic form and formal sculptural concerns. The works were first shown together in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of Arts, London in 1999.

Turbo, bronze 1999.
Like a spinning top, Turbo creates an exuberant sense of motion; the work seemingly shifting from left to right, shrinking and expanding from top to bottom. The density of this twisted form contrasts vividly with the motion it conveys. Intrigued by what he has termed “the principle of using circles in balance,” Cragg has created a number of works based on varied dimensions of stacked discs as a tool to investigate the formal qualities of bronze.

Ferryman, bronze 1999.
Ferryman stretches out along the ground like a giant sleeping cat. Its perforated surface and bloated form relay an airy weightlessness that should be impossible when viewing a large-scale bronze sculpture. Cragg, known for using a vast array of materials achieves his desired formal effects, creating a bulbous creature gently resting on the ground. Ferryman’s imposing size contradicts and amplifies its lacy frame. Unlike the geometric Turbo, Ferryman appears to have developed out of a series of organic growths – almost tumor like in their irregularity – with waves and mounds pushing and pulling on its protruding limbs.

Robert Indiana. LOVE
A sculpture by Robert Indiana on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 55th Street in July of 2001.
LOVE, 1966-1999. Painted Aluminum. Red/Blue. 36 x 36 x 18 in.

Joel Shapiro on the Roof
Joel Shapiro on the Roof: The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor open-air roof garden of Metropolitan Museum of Art.