NYRP – Family Garden/Maggie’s Garden


1. Proceed to Make a donation page on NYRP website.
2. Select "Make a donation". Select the amount you want to donate. Click Continue.
3. If you contribute over $75, you will have another page allowing you to select a gift (tote bag).
4. On the next page, enter your name and address. Click Continue.
5. On the next page, verify/enter your billing address.
Click Continue.
6. On the next page, enter your credit card info, or you can mail your check or fax your credit card info. Enter in the "Comments" area: Restricted to JB Hehman Project. Click Continue.
7. You will be presented with a confirmation screen. Click Confirm to authorize your payment.
8. (Optional step) send an email to HehmanMemorialFund@hotmail.com so that we can track the total of all contributions. You can include your forum username.

New York Restoration Project – Family Garden

Family Garden

Location: 431 East 114th Street, between First and Pleasant Avenues

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New York Restoration Project – Maggie’s Garden

Maggie’s Garden

Location: 564 W 149th Street, between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue

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