Chelsea Piers – Hudson River Park

Piers 60 and 61 and their head houses are operated by Chelsea Piers Management under a long-term lease as a sports and recreation complex, featuring a golf driving range, a marina, two ice skating rinks, a bowling alley, a track and gymnastics center, commercial excursion boating, television and film studios and restaurants. A public pedestrian walkway hugs the perimeter of each pier.


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Chelsea Piers

Pictures of Chelsea Piers

Chelsea Piers
Piersheds at Piers 60 and 61 are rare surviving examples of early 20th Century passenger ship terminals. Designed by Warren & Wetmore, they were completed in 1910. They remain intact, with the original materials and some original equipment, and have been restored by Chelsea Piers Management.

Chelsea Waterside Park
In October 2000 an expanded and renovated Chelsea Waterside Park reopened east of the West Side highway.

Chelsea Piers
Pier 62 and Chelsea Piers.