Fulton Street Transit Center

The Fulton Street station complex is the busiest in Lower Manhattan, with over 275,000 passenger entries, exits, and transfers each day. The current subway complex is made up of six separate subway stations, built at different times by different companies or agencies between 1905 and 1932.

Millions of tourists are expected to visit Lower Manhattan in the near future, as the World Trade Center memorial area becomes one of the top attractions in the United States. With 85 percent of all Downtown access trips made by transit, Lower Manhattan urgently needs a clear, “connected” subway complex and gateway to support its economic recovery.

Work on the project, which requires the relocation of commercial tenants on the east side of Broadway between Fulton and John Streets, has began, with completion planned for June 2009.

The transit center’s projected $750 million cost has gone up to nearly $800 million. MTA officials have said that despite the increase, they will not scale down the design, which includes a large glass dome that will allow natural light onto the subway tracks.


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