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  1. In 1972 I worked with the Dockbuilders LU 1456 when these piers were modernized to allow parking on top. The original piers were built in 1935 and had beautiful Art Deco facades. I made it a point to look through the rubble for the plaques displaying the pier number and a profile of ocean liners without success. I did manage to find the 3 from the 1935 date. Too bad no one thought of preserving the facade in those days! These were important to me for as a little kid, I would be fascinated passing the piers and looking at all the ships while driving with my parents on the West Side Highway. The United Fruit piers in lower Manhattan were also a very busy place! Sunkist had a big neon sign flashing the time and temperature. Alas, it is all gone now, as is most of the shipping.

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