Arches and Bridges of Central Park

110th Street Arch
Claremont Arch
Dalehead Arch
Denesmouth Arch
Driprock Arch
Dipway Arch
Eaglevale Arch
Glade Arch
Glen Span Arch
Greengap Arch
Greyshot Arch
Greywacke Arch
Huddlestone Arch
Inscope Arch
Mountcliff Arch
Pinebank Arch
Playmates Arch
Ramble Arch
Riftstone Arch
Springbanks Arch
Trefoil Arch
Willowdell Arch
Winterdale Arch
Balcony Bridge
Bow Bridge
Gapstow Bridge
Glen Span Bridge
Gothic Bridge
Bank Rock Bridge, Oak Bridge or Cabinet Bridge
Reservoir Bridge (East 85th Street)
Reservoir Bridge (West 94th Street)
Terrace Bridge

See Arches and Bridges on Central Park Conservancy website